6 Things to Do in Rome on Valentine’s Day Trip

This Valentine’s, spend a romantic getaway with your loved one and book cheap flights to Rome 

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and what better place to visit than the romantic city of Rome. There is no shortage of romantic places in Rome as you can mesmerize by the historical landmarks and talk romantic walks across the Quaint streets. You can find flights from London to Rome with ease as it is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Rome is a perfect city for couples, and before booking an online flight ticket, go through the list that we have gathered as the top six things to do in Rome on Valentine’s Day trips. 

Carriage Ride Through Rome

Explore the classic streets of Rome through a traditional ride on a horse-drawn carriage and witness the beauty of Rome through its historical landmarks. Horse carriage was the primary mode of transportation during the glory days of the Roman Empire. The carriages include leather seats, an umbrella for shade, and a wide seat for couples. Book your cheap flights to Rome and explore the busy streets of the historical city.

A Romantic Picnic in Villa Borghese

Escape from the busy streets of Rome, and spend some quiet and intimate time with your loved one in the majestic gardens of Villa Borghese. Stroll in the magnificent pathways through the park and immerse yourself in the views of blooming flowers and fountains. The park is the perfect spot for a proposal. So keep this in mind while booking an online flight ticket to Rome.

Toss Coin At Trevi Fountain

One of the most popular attractions for couples is tossing coins together at Trevi Fountain. According to ancient tradition, one coin ensures a safe return to Rome, the second coin ensures romance with a native, and the third coin guarantees a long prosperous marriage. Book your flights from London to Rome and toss three coins over the shoulder with sculptors of Roman gods, tritons, and horses blessing you.

Attend Opera At Teatro Dell’Opera

Spend intimate and lavish time while attending the ballet or opera at the legendary Teatro dell’Opera. This features gorgeous interiors with gilded accents, incredible acoustics, and a large central dome chandelier. Other than classical operas, the Teatro presents ballet and modern music concerts. 

Rooftop Dining

Enjoy a romantic candlelight evening at several rooftop restaurants overlooking the iconic Colosseum. Experience great food and fantastic cocktails accompanied by breathtaking views. We recommend visiting the Aroma Luxury Restaurant, arguably the best view of Rome with luxury dining. Most flights from London to Rome have in-flight magazines which recommend visiting this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Walk Across Ponte Sisto

Take dreamy walks across the Roman bridge of Ponte Sisto straddling the Tiber. This area is filled with perfect alleyways and cobblestoned roads, joining Ponte Sisto to the Campo de Fiori market. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the Vatican on the skyline in the morning. Yet, the romantic atmosphere at dusk is unmatched.

Since travelling to Rome is not limited to roads. Booking online flight tickets to Rome on Valentine’s Day is an exclusive experience. Follow the article and visit the mentioned attractions and places for a romantic trip to Rome

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