Last Few Days of Dubai Auto Expo: Things You Need to Know

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The global extravaganza that is Dubai Expo 2020 commenced on the first of October 2021. Since its inception, it has showcased some of the most cutting-edge technology, cultural programs, and various green initiatives that foreshadow a bright future. The central theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, through opportunity, sustainability, and mobility. Besides, this once-in-a-lifetime event will showcase pavilions of 192 countries, attractions, daily events, and spectacular experiences. However, all good things must come to an end, and here are the things you need to know for the last few days of the Dubai Auto Expo.

1. Districts at Expo

The Dubai Expo 2020 is divided into three unique districts- Mobility District, Sustainability District, and Opportunity District.

Mobility District:

This futuristic district showcases cutting-edge innovation in technology ranging from drone waiters to mobility technology in future vehicles, etc. Besides it also features a mobility track with innovative mobility devices on a 330-meter track, and engrossed in the latest advancement in space exploration through UAE National Space Programme and Emirates Mars Mission.

Sustainability District:

This particular district captivates you to take you through the introduction of some of the world’s most advanced technology initiatives taken upon by countries across the globe towards a greener and more sustainable future. Wander through dense forests in Terra Pavilion and dive into the ground-breaking steps towards saving the environment for future generations at Country Pavilion experiences.

Opportunity District:

Witnessing how our actions and lives are interconnected while interacting with visionary people who transform their dreams into reality at Opportunity District is all about creating connections, youth empowerment, and making this world a better place.

2. Theme Weeks

The Dubai Expo spans over six months, filled with ten different theme weeks as a part of the Programme of People and Planet. It addresses the challenges faced by humans to create opportunities for a better world. Even though the Expo is underway, there is still time to book your flights tickets to Dubai and experience the six remaining theme weeks that are listed below:

Knowledge and Learning:

This theme is dedicated to utilizing the knowledge and challenges faced by today’s education. So that we can create a better future ahead.

Travel and Connectivity:

It will focus on the importance of creating a balance between our physical reality and the digital world. Thus spearheading contemporary growth.

Global Goals:

The primary objective of this theme is to focus on working together for a better world by 2030.

Health and Wellness:

This theme will inspire you to commence a healthy lifestyle.

Food, Agriculture, and Livelihoods:

This theme focuses on the Expo showcase plans and initiatives for sustainably producing food.


Last week, the Expo will highlight the importance of water. Besides it will also unveil upcoming projects to conserve the water supply for future generations.

3. After the Expo

After the conclusion of the global event, which created a history of showcasing so many nations and their cultural innovations for making the world better through sustainable practices for future generations. This will lay down the foundation in three key aspects:

Collective Solutions to Global Challenges:

Visitors will gain in-depth insight into crucial global challenges. Similarly, these include responsible production, ethical fashion, circular economies, and climate change. Moreover, the exchange of ideas will embark the visitors to seek creative solutions to global challenges.

District 2020:

Even after Expo 2020 concludes, the site will transition into a model Community District for the future. Moreover, this smart city aims at using at least 80% of the built infrastructure as a part of an integrated mixed-use community. The legacy of Expo 2020 will carry on as District 2020 and continue to inspire new connections, creations and innovations.

Blueprint for sustainability:

The Expo will lay down a blueprint through its world-class innovations, infrastructure, and collaborations towards establishing a sustainable benchmark, a viable future, and a legacy for future generations. All this as the world strives to create a safer, cleaner, and healthier planet.

The Dubai Expo comes to a spectacular conclusion on March 2022. However, you can still catch the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, featuring over 500 events, festivals, and fun-filled activities. Experience ahead-of-time technology, innovations, ideas, initiatives, and collaboration of different nations to create a better future. Besides, do not miss the opportunity to witness this global event and book your flight tickets to Dubai now with OnGoEazy!

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