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Turkish Airlines, founded in 1933, is a national carrier airline headquartered at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. It is a four-star airline and a Star Alliance member. The airline began with only five planes and has grown to a fleet of 296 aircraft (passenger and cargo). Turkish Airlines has flights to 110 countries, the most of any single airline. It serves 280 destinations worldwide, including 230 international and 50 domestic cities in North and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and the Far East.

What Distinguishes Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines has plenty of prestigious awards and honours to its name. It has frequently been given the Passenger Choice Award by Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). In 2015, Turkish Airlines also won the Best Airline in Europe, Best Airline in Southern Europe, World’s Best Business Class Airline Lounge, and World’s Best Business Class Lounge Dining by Skytrax World Airline Awards. The airline has a consistent record of winning distinguished awards since 2009. These awards help recognise and maintain Turkish Airlines‘ popularity amongst its passengers.

With a Turkish Airlines ticket, you can find entertainment with various movies, podcasts, music, and programs on different themes such as lifestyle, food, science, and more. They also offer a game channel with games for single or multiple players, a channel for kids, and audiobooks.

Passengers on specific routes served by Airbus A330, A340, B777, and A321-type aircraft can also enjoy the digital Planet (Audio-Video on-demand) in-cabin entertainment system. Passengers with special dietary requests can ask for medical, dietary, and religious meals. Requests for preferred meals can be made while booking your Turkish Airlines ticket or at least 24 hours before the departure. Skip the long queues at the airport, and avail the priority check-in facility available online. The web check-in can be done from 24 hours to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. Follow our blog to find out how to score a cheap Turkish Airlines Ticket.

1. Book your Turkish Airlines flight on a Tuesday morning.

Most airlines, including Turkish Airlines, release their fare sales on a Tuesday, making this day of the week the best day to book a Turkish Airlines ticket for less.

2. Fly during times when it is least busy.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the slowest days for flying. So, you might get better airfares than the rest of the week. Early morning flights often have lower fares since many dislike getting up before the sun to get to the airport. Early boarding can also lessen your chances of being moved on an overbooked aircraft or delayed due to other delayed flights or technical difficulties.

3. Avoid upgrading; it is not required.

Sometimes upgrades are free, but most of the time, you may get charged for requesting a last-minute upgrade to first class, and the fee difference might be considerable.

4. Do not put off booking until the last minute.

Many travellers are unaware there is a sweet spot for reserving and receiving the best price on a Turkish Airlines ticket. You may pay more than needed if you book too early or late.

5. You can choose your seat later.

When you book your Turkish Airlines ticket online, you may get charged to select your seat, which will add up to the overall cost of your ticket. You can still acquire good seats if you arrive early on the day of your trip. Unless others are ready to pay a premium fee for them ahead of time, you have a chance to get one of those.

6. Bring some snacks.

Unless you are going abroad, your flight rarely includes a complimentary meal. Snacks on flights are expensive and rarely healthy. Instead of relying on their menu, bring some of your food- granola bars, homemade muffins, nuts, fruit and trail mix, which all make excellent travel snacks – into your luggage and eat better and cheaper than other passengers.

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