Experts Reveal New Tricks For Cheap Student Flight Deals

The student community comprises the most dynamic demographic segment with a prospective earning and spending potential. So this segment has to be nurtured and invested for a long time, with an eye on the future. With this fiduciary prospect, the airlines also cater to this vast evolving segment with concessional rates and subsidised travel fares. Still, a student is not a spending entity. Their purse strings are always tight and can do with more auditing and budgeting at all times. After all, not everybody is born with a silver spoon, but most have to learn to earn silver and fill their spoons suitably.

Student Flight Deals

A student is between the ages of 12 and 24-25. The young future workers of this planet have to be taken care of and need to move about to learn, imbibe, understand and evolve so that they don’t stagnate. The various airlines treat them prestigiously to help them with this learning process. There are only student flights and special student fares on general flights, so that man movement is not hindered. Like Air India, British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair, Air China, Norwegian, American Airlines and KLM. A special mention of notable programmes by some airlines:

(a) Air India: It offers a concession of 25- 50 percent on base fare on economy seats plus 25 percent off on excess baggage. Additionally, Air India also allows students to carry one extra bag free of cost weighing around 23 kg.

(b) American Airlines Vacations offer Land and Air packages at 5 percent off.

(c) Generation Fly is a student-centric programme by Germany base Lufthansa that serves 450 destinations worldwide.

(d) Airtran U is run by AirTran Airways for the 18-22 years age group to fly about 60 destinations in the US, South America, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Bahamas. Southwest Airlines is the only airline that provides two checked-in bags for free for any fare.

(e) Besides airlines like Emirates, Air China, Qantas and Qatar provide an average weight baggage allowance of 40-46 kg internationally.

Agency Discounts

Travel Agencies are just as sensitised as the airlines. There are specialised travel agents for the student community, like the Student Universe and student-centric travel expert OTAs like OnGoEazy. They offer cheap student-friendly flight deals, discounts, promo codes, etc. Still, experts observe some secret tricks to trim the travel expenses of the students further.

  1. There are special airline sales that offer the lowest possible fares. The airlines have the pros of points and miles redemption as well. Else the OTAs offer inbuilt flat discounts in all their student flight deals, and some give last-minute flight ticket deals to sell off the available seats. They also offer hotels, trip insurance and tour packages with overall discounts, bringing down the rates.
  2. Every student or traveller should focus on prevalent flight rate comparisons, baggage allowance rules, layover details, promo codes and other discount offers of different airline websites.
  3. Students should opt for individual 2 one-way tickets rather than a round trip, inclusive of different legs of the tour with layover details.
  4. Be on the lookout for rare but existing student-only flights by scouring for student rates from available flights.
  5. OTAs have Student Travel Offers, which have inbuilt discounts and sales promo codes.
  6. A significant characteristic is flexibility and enterprise. Be flexible with your dates of travel and departure and arrival destinations. The peripheral or nearby secondary airports often cater to thrifty travel and prove pocket friendly.
  7. A travelling student can compensate for his travel costs by staying in hostels instead of hotels and volunteering in some restaurants and hotels with small tasks in exchange for boarding and lodging.

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