Top 5 Budget-Friendly Tips First Class Travelers Swear By

How Can You Fly First Class on a Budget?

Flying first class for a low price is a dream for many travellers since airlines continue to whittle away at the coach amenities, comfort room, and overall ambience. However, there are ways to make that dream come true. Ongoeazy has come up with a foolproof guide for you to make the most out of your first-class flight reservation. Take a look at some methods for getting first-class seats on a flight without spending a fortune. With Ongoeazy, you will get the unique experience of a private suite with freshly-cooked gourmet meals. All of this fits under a budget!

The first step is figuring out how to search for a low-budget first-class flight. There are indicators that you, as a traveller, have to keep in mind and pay attention to while booking your first-class flight reservation. Here are five simple tips and tricks for you to follow and save your money:

1. Directly Booking First-Class is a Big NO!

Avoid first-class flight reservations in advance. Instead, book your tickets on weekends when fewer corporate travellers fly and airfares are significantly low.

2. Make a First Class Flight Reservation in Advance.

Since you want to save money on first-class reservations, book at least a week ahead of time. Some travel experts even advise booking flights at least three weeks before the departure to get much better deals.

3. Do your Research.

How you save money on your first-class ticket depends on many factors, so do your research before booking your reservation. Using co-branded bank cards and enrolling in airline loyalty programs can earn you enough miles or points to book first-class flight reservations easily.

4. Take a leap of Faith!

Make reservations for a coach ticket and then upgrade to first class using frequent flyer credits. If you do not mind taking a chance, enquire about the upgrade fee with the gate attendant. Depending upon the availability, you may find an upgrade by giving a small fee, or at times, even for free!

5. Lookout for Last-minute Deals.

You can switch to first class at any time before the flight. You may get an upgrade on your reservation for less or free at departure time when you are checking in. If there are spare seats, airlines will frequently offer them at a reduced rate—especially when there are only 24 hours till the flight departures.

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Now that you know how to be a smart traveller, make first-class flight reservations and get a first-class experience with Ongoeazy. Rest assured, enjoy heavy discounts on flight tickets and BOOK NOW.

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