Why You Should Choose Philippines Airlines for Your Next Trip

Philippine Airlines, Inc. (PAL) has lived on with its original brand and national colours for nearly eight decades, pioneering end-to-end aviation operations that comprise an industry of its own. The Philippine Aerial Taxi Company, established in 1931 by co-founder Andres Soriano, was dissolved in 1939. And rebuilt two years later as Philippine Air Lines. On March 15, 1941, despite the impending war, PAL flew its debut flight from Makati to Baguio with only five passengers.

PAL was a private-sector company for much of its history. But it was taken over by the government in the 1970s and 1980s. Yet it reverted to private ownership in the 1990s. Besides, PAL is now Southeast Asia’s only privately owned major flag carrier.

Moreover, PAL has been acknowledged over the years as the “national flag carrier” by R.A. 2232. And has played a critical role in encouraging the expansion of the Philippine economy and the emergence of the countrywide tourism industry.

Since it offers Business Class, Premium Economy, and Regular Economy services, PAL has grown to become the Philippines’ only full-service airline and largest international carrier. Besides, its fleet, which is one of the world’s youngest, is made up of modern high-tech aircraft such as the Boeing 777, the Airbus A350 and A330 for long hauls. And the A320/A321 family for regional and domestic routes.

More About Philippine Airlines

PAL’s network is now transnational. The flag carrier operates from four major airports in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Davao) to a total of 25 domestic destinations and 28 locations in Asia, Australia/Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Besides, PAL is the country’s only direct airline link to the mainland United States, Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia.

Philippine Airlines is a 4-Star airline for the quality of its airport, onboard product, and customer service. Product ratings cover seats, meals and drinks, hygiene, and so forth, while service ratings include both cabin and ground personnel.

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