5 Things To Know About Qantas Airways Flight Ticket Booking

Qantas (an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd) Airways is the world’s leading long-distance airline and is historically the third oldest airline worldwide. It is the flag carrier of Australia fondly called The Flying Kangaroo. It is reputed for its excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering, maintenance, and customer service. Qantas is one of the founding members of the Oneworld alliance. It flies to 85 destinations across the world in 297 state-of-the-art aircraft. Out of these 126 aircraft are owned by Qantas and the rest by its subsidiary Jetstar. All the aircraft are primarily Airbus (A330 and A380) or Boeing (737 and 787).

Why choose Qantas?

The Qantas Club has some exclusive and dedicated international Business lounges in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Los Angeles and Singapore. These lounges are accessible to Qantas Club Members, Gold Frequent flyers, and One World Sapphire members. These are the various categories of club memberships offered by Qantas to its loyal customers under the Frequent Flyer Programme, a signature and elaborate feature of Qantas Airways. Another outstanding feature of Qantas Airways is the Customer Charter, which lays down two-way traffic of the expected behaviour of both the customers and the airline staff. The staff is fit and well-versed. The Customer Charter also stipulates the conditions under exceptions and deviant cases.

How to book Qantas?

It is no breaking news that Qantas is a dominant world player in the aviation industry. A preferred carrier, Qantas flight ticket booking is a dynamic and intensive process. The ticket booking is somewhat similar in the entire world, but it helps to have a comprehensive understanding of the Customer Charter and Frequent Flyer Programme of Qantas Airways, especially if you are living in Australasia or travelling to the region. There are rights and privileges mentioned in the fine print of the documents that make flight booking easier and travel convenient.

Suggestions to ease the Qantas flight ticket booking process

The first and foremost point of emphasis is the time and place dimensions of travel. Since Australasia lies nearest to the International Date Line, the travel dates and points of departure and arrival of Qantas flights assume major significance, especially if travelling through different time zones. The travel dates include the time and place of layovers and transit halts. A similar point of consideration is the time of the year of travel. Often the wind systems can lead to disruption or cancellation of flights. The location of arrival, departure, and layover points is also crucial. For example, to catch connecting flights from Singapore, you have reasonable time to utilise the interval at the premium and exclusive Qantas Club Business Lounge for shopping, dining, and relaxing at no extra cost.

Baggage Allowance is the next point to consider. If you go through the Conditions of Carriage in the Qantas Customer Charter, it promises to deliver the customer and their baggage on time, safely and on priority. In case of delayed baggage of more than 24 hours and out-of-station customers, Qantas commits to compensate with shopping items of immediate need. With grievances, there is a feedback system where you solicit honest opinions. The Charter provides an Airline Customer Advocate for putting the case further on.

Flight Performance is the main criterion of airline selection for booking a flight ticket. Qantas Airways is considered the safest airline in the world. And Qantas Customer Charter explicitly states their commitment to safety as a priority, whether of customers, its staff, or the aircraft. They pay great attention to engineering, maintenance, and operational reliability. And have a solid reputation that is built on performance history.

The economy-type seat should be considered before booking a flight ticket. Qantas Airways has a very elaborate Frequent Flyer Program for rewarding customer loyalty. Sometimes the seats are fixed for the whole journey at the time of booking tickets, and the allotted seats offer less baggage allowance. If the customer is unaware of other alternatives, he can fly cramped and tired. In contrast, if he is aware of alternative rules, he can book either adjustable seat options, go for upgradation of seats, or get extra baggage allowance at the time of booking flight tickets, and that too without paying a premium fee.

The Frequent Flyer Programme of Qantas Airways allows its customers to redeem their points for flights and upgradation of seats. In 2008, it introduced two new features. You redeem any seat for a price. The second one was Points Plus Pay, which is a combination of cash plus points, at the point of booking any flight ticket from Qantas Airways. The Frequent-Flyer store expanded to include many other retail and service options.

The Qantas Frequent Flyer Programme is a pool for the Qantas Club, including Gold Frequent flyers and One world sapphire Club. All these members are entitled to access the Qantas Business lounges worldwide. Hence this knowledge also works to a large extent while booking tickets. Pay less, collect credit, and get rewarded in kind or cash, for being loyal customers.

Another important criterion to ponder is the documentation required at the origin or destination of flights. Such documents include vaccine requirements and passports and visa requirements. For example, the Henley Passport Index labels the strength of global passports. It means that holders of strong passports like the USA and England can visit many nations visa-free, Australia holds 8th rank currently. Similarly, some years back, there was an outbreak of the Zika virus and Ebola in western Africa. People were supposed to get themselves vaccinated in order not to get infected. The vaccination certificates for COVID-19 have become historic fulcrums, about which everyone is aware.
Since Australia is a major global player, its nationals can travel to many countries on Qantas without many visa formalities, and travellers to Australia from other parts of the world should have their papers in place before booking flight tickets on Qantas Airways.

Why Ongoeazy?

With so much information overdose and limitless gratuity in the finer print, it is natural for any earnest traveller to get overwhelmed before they can board a “flying Kangaroo ”. Here comes Ongoeazy to ease the stress of prospective flyers. We promise to deliver the best seat tickets at a viable price in an easy and transparent flight ticket booking process. You choose Qantas, and we intend to abide by our motto to make you a part of the Frequent Flyer Programme. Enjoy the legendary reliability of Qantas in the air and surreal Business Lounges on the ground, when you are on a trip. Give your stress of booking a Qantas flight ticket and enjoy an easy trip with us. Hence, Ongoeazy!

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