Secret Hacks For Cheap Ethiopian Airlines Reservation

Ethiopian Airlines is the world’s fourth-largest airline under its pan-planet presence. It is the largest aviation company in Africa, having its base at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa. Founded in 1945, it serves around 120 destinations across continents, with the maximum connection density in Africa. Its large fleet size of 94 planes in service plus 58 more in the pipeline has an average age of 5 years. 

Comprising 19 Boeing Dreamliner and new generation Airbus A350 and Boeing 777, the Ethiopian is a popular choice of travel for its connectivity and reasonable prices. Since it is a member of Star Alliance, it has enhanced penetration and codeshare arrangements worldwide.

About Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is a 4-star airline, riding on as the Best in Africa in Business Traveller Awards 2021 and Skytrax World Airlines Awards 2021. Although Ethiopian Airlines is a world player in the international market, it is a pocket-friendly airline catering to the masses compared to whetting niche desires. It plays to the basic gallery of air transportation of people and cargo with safety. The need for transportation and safety in a pocket-friendly manner makes it a choice for mass travel, adding to the advantage of its connectivity density.

How to Get Cheaper Tickets?

Still, there are a few generic tricks and specific hacks to make Ethiopian Airlines reservations cheaper.

Tip 1:

The timeless characteristic of planning and perseverance pays off in paying minimum prices for air travel. You have to plan for at least 3 to 4 months, preferably. This window gives you plenty of time to look for sale discounts and deals, observe price trends and do some spade work before making solid payments. The prices can be further trimmed if you are flexible with your departure and arrival dates and places. Similarly, if one can fly on weekdays rather than weekends or opt for odd-hours scheduled flights, there is an appreciable difference in flights from the same airlines. Additionally, one can plan for periphery airports serving a big city, as the main airports cater to more expensive fliers.

Tip 2:

It’s a known fact that connecting flights are cheaper compared to direct flights. This is where Ethiopian Airlines draws its advantage. Lying somewhere near the centre of the conventional world map, on the east coast of Africa, Addis Ababa is a popular layover for cross-hemisphere flights. Since Ethiopian Airlines flies to all the corners of the world, the customer can use this facility very well. Plus, flying especially to the African hinterland can very well shave off dollars

Tip 3:

The airline also has a frequent flyer programme worth mentioning. It has four levels, the highest being Platinum membership. If one is a frequent traveller within the Ethiopian service range, why not use its customer loyalty programme for seat upgradation to Cloud 9 Business Class, rather than travelling in cramped economy class? If you have time, you can take part in bidding for seat upgradation or redeem previously accumulated loyalty points.

Tip 4:

The best recourse is to seek tickets from Online Travel Agents like OnGoEazy because they can provide relevant information from tons of data and save you from the unpleasant stress of treating a ticket booking like a project for months. Another advantage is OTAs offer continual newsletters on updated discounts and sales deals. You shall have information available regarding price drops or pricing trends at your fingertips. Several OTAs also sell holiday packages, including hotels, flights and airport transfers. The overall deals have heavy discount offers that may bring down the prices

Tip 5:

The Ethiopian is already a budget airline, but its baggage allowance is very generous. Advisably, one should be aware of many hidden costs on budget airlines that are not mentioned explicitly. The catch is to trap the customer’s imagination with dirt-cheap base fares with several add-ons. It is better to opt for a reputed airline like Ethiopian against doubtful offers.

Tip 6:

Last, but not least, look for the cheapest method of payment. Often, credit card payments offer cash back and credit and loyalty points which can be redeemed later for shopping, eating or travelling

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