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Hire your next eco-friendly ride with our electric car rentals

At OnGoEazy, we're committed to making environmentally friendly decisions that benefit the people we serve as well as our planet. We are pleased to offer our electric vehicle rental service as part of our dedication to environmental responsibility. With our electric car models, you can drive farther and reduce your carbon footprint without constraints. Here's how using OnGoEazy can help you start your eco-friendly journey:

Go Electric:

In addition to lowering carbon emissions, our electric cars offer a cutting-edge, economical, and modern form of mobility. Travel up to 400 kilometres on a single charge.

Hire Your Electric Car Rental on OnGoEazy

Using OnGoEazy to rent an electric vehicle is an easy and hassle-free process. Visit our easy-to-use website and choose the Electric option that best suits your needs. Enter specifics about your trip, including the destination, dates, and any additional requests. Or, just call us at 0204-529-2299 and book your next electric car rental in one instant!

We Simplify Charging.

Worried about how to charge your electric vehicle? Using OnGoEazy simplifies charging. We guarantee that you can conveniently charge your car thanks to our specialised stations and charging networks.

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Locate Stations Dedicated to Electric Cars

Find the OnGoEazy electric vehicle charging stations at various important locations. Our stations are arranged in a way that makes it easy for you to locate and charge your rental electric car.

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Why Should Your Business Use Electric Car Rentals?

Businesses are essential for advancing sustainable practices. Long-term savings are possible and conceivable when you switch to electric car rentals with OnGoEazy.

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Use OnGoEazy to Rent Your Next Electric Vehicle

Take your trip to the next level by renting an electric vehicle. Savour all advantages of eco-friendly transport supported by cutting-edge research and technology.

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* All Car rental fares are non-transferable and non-refundable once the booking is confirmed. Our Service Fees and other charges may apply. For more details, read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

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