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Last-Minute Flight Deals

*Fares on this page are updated as of Jun 15, 2024 at 9:26 AM EST. They are for One Way or Round Trips as displayed alongside. These include our Service Fees and other relevant airline and government fees. Fares are based on historical data, can change without notice, and can’t be guaranteed until ticketed. For more details, read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

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  • ATL Atlanta

  • BHD Belfast

  • CNX Chiang Mai

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  • KBV Krabi

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  • ACC Accra


Get Cheap Last-Minute Flight Tickets on OnGoEazy

Before booking a last-minute flight, a traveller must know what a last-minute flight is. A last-minute flight is the one where you travel within a few days of planning. A last-minute flight does not require planning, and usually, you depart for your booked destination within less than 14 days of your flight booking. A decade before the current times, if you wanted to book a cheap last-minute flight, you had to visit the airport and purchase a ticket at the counter. Nowadays, the flights are booked to their full capacity and often are overbooked. However, if you want to take a risk and wait long enough to book your last-minute flight ticket, you may strike a great airfare deal. Our travel experts highly recommend you book your flight tickets at least 45 days in advance, but if, for some reason, you're unable to do so, we offer great deals on last-minute flight tickets. Are you looking for great flight deals on last-minute flight tickets? Look no more as we have our best-offered last-minute flights that take you to your destination at the last minute. Travellers are more inclined to book last-minute flight tickets and save on their travel budget as planning during the uncertain times of covid is difficult. Over the years, the airline industry has seen a 14% decrease in the airfares of last-minute flights. The new trend of decreased last-minute airfares is because low-cost carriers have entered the airline market and offer good deals on last-minute flights. They promote last-minute flights at an affordable price making it more convenient for travellers. As a traveller, you may choose to book a last-minute flight ticket with OnGoEazy and ensure to get a good deal on your flight ticket. Airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet and Vueling give you discounted last-minute airfares to the destination of your choice. So, now before you decide to book a last-minute flight ticket, quickly research the offered airfare. If you want to save on your time and effort in conducting the research, we recommend you reach out to OnGoEazy travel experts, who will be happy to assist you with all the details about your last-minute flight ticket bookings. 

What are last minute flights?

  • When a passenger books a flight during the few days or final hours before the scheduled departure, it is known as a last-minute flight.
  • Most airlines keep the booking open till the final hours of the web check-in process.

How to find cheap last-minute flights?

  • Be ready to fly at odd hours as most airlines have cheaper last minute flight tickets.
  • You can utilize your frequent flyer miles to book a cheap last-minute flight.
  • You can also sign up for price alerts so that you are aware of when the price drops in the last few days of the flight's scheduled departure.

Do I get a cheaper ticket for last minute flights?

  • Generally, you do not get cheaper tickets for last minute flights as most airlines are booked and have no vacancies.
  • In some cases, you can get a cheaper fare for last minute flights when the scheduled departure is during odd hours or red-eye flights.
  • Budget airlines or low-cost carriers are the best options for cheap last-minute flights.

What is the process to book last minute flights?

  • You can go on the airlines' website and search for last minute flights. Select your departure and arrival destination.
  • You can sort out the price filter to get the cheapest flight reservations on the top.
  • Moreover, you can compare the price difference between one-way flights or round trips.

Why Book Last-Minute Flight Tickets on OnGoEazy?

  • OnGoEazy offers exclusive deals on last-minute flights to make sure that you get the best-offered airfares.
  • Our travel agents come with a deep understanding of the best-offered cheap last-minute flights.
  • OnGoEazy agents handle all last-minute flight bookings with ease so that you have a carefree journey.

Which airlines offer the best last minute flights?

If you are on the lookout for affordable last-minute flight tickets, start your search with OnGoEazy. We will deliver our exclusive offers straight to your inbox.

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