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The details and particulars published on our website are correct to the best of our knowledge. We rely on our travel suppliers and other partners for all the information published on our website. Several measures ensure that every piece of information is correct and updated. Due to several market complexities, the fares stated on the OnGoEazy website are subject to frequent changes and based on historical data. Further, we may implement various changes in the uploaded data without giving you any prior notice.

Website Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any harm, injury, or loss that you may suffer as a result of your trust in the information as uploaded on our website, or the links to the web pages of other websites.

Discount Policy: Provision of discount offerings by OnGoEazy may differ as per the market determinants. It includes booking dates, travel duration, blackout dates and prior notice. For some bookings, the fares may change without any prior notice. If you claim discount savings, we will subsequently conduct a proper evaluation and assessment of flight packages before going ahead with the same.

Price Match Promise: As you make your booking with OnGoEazy, we expect you to be confident about our great deals and efficient booking process. So, if you find a lower price (inclusive of taxes and fees) for the same travel arrangements offered by us on a major OTA competitor’s website within twenty-four hours of your booking, we will conduct a price match. In such a case, we will refund the price difference after verification of your claim. Further, you may choose to cancel your booking with us, which entitles you to a full refund (Excluding the service fee and taxes).


OnGoEazy may release promo codes that are generally applicable for online travel bookings and reservations. However, some specific OnGoEazy promo codes are redeemed only over the phone through our customer helpline centre.

  1. We invite all our users to sign up for our newsletters to receive promo codes via email.
  2. The maximum discount that you can receive from all our promo codes will not exceed the value of our ‘Traveller Assist’ fees and/or service fees (i.e., up to 70%).
  3. OnGoEazy promo codes cannot be transferred, sold or bartered. Further, they hold no cash value.
  4. You must enter a valid promo code in the promo code link present on the payment page to redeem the discount amount. In case you fail to enter the code, you will not redeem the discount.
  5. We hold the discretion to revise or withdraw OnGoEazy promo code offers at any time without any prior notice, even where you find other websites offering the same.
  6. There will be no recourse for any technical errors that lead to the non-applicability of promo codes, except for your right to discontinue the purchase.
  7. If we withdraw the offer, the promo code will become invalid, and our website and system will not accept any promo code entered while making the payment. At the same time, you will have the right to continue with the original price or do away with the purchase altogether.
  8. The final price displayed (with/without promo code) will be your billed amount, and under no scenario will there be any credits/discounts applicable after your purchase.
  9. OnGoEazy promo codes are not applicable along with other offers (s). We hold the right to reject any transaction that involves an error in promo code value even after completing the booking process and issuance of the booking receipt.