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Terms & Conditions

OnGoEazy TERMS & CONDITIONS – GENERAL welcomes you to its website that includes its mobile, desktop, and mobile application or any feature available on OnGoEazy. Our website is user-friendly with relevant information and secure for use by all our customers and users. helps in providing travel information and delivers all the travel-related services including making bookings, paying for them and working with the travel suppliers listed on the website. We have designed OnGoEazy for personal and non-commercial usage of our users. Hereby, in this document the terms like we, us, our or 'OnGoEazy' refer to The terms like "you" or "your" refer to the user and/ or a potential customer of OnGoEazy.

We present OnGoEazy to you with the condition that you agree to accept it without any modification in our terms, conditions, and notices mentioned below. This policy is collectively known as the 'Terms' or 'Agreement'. Under the Agreement, you will find the terms and conditions applicable to the services available through our Website, and the details of your responsibilities as a user of OnGoEazy to avail the services. This also limits our and our third-party suppliers' liabilities towards any losses and damages that you may suffer as a result of using our platform. Our suppliers are the ones that provide any kind of services that are available on We hereby in our Terms and Conditions refer to the third-party suppliers as 'Travel Service Providers'. As a user of, you must go through our Terms & Conditions carefully to get all the information regarding the bookings you make on our website or via our Contact Centre. You must also check OnGoEazy's Privacy Policy to know the use of our Website and how we use your information under this Agreement.

When you use OnGoEazy to book a travel service offered by us, or reach out to our call centre agents, you are agreeing to the terms of this Agreement. All the terms and conditions are applicable, and if you do not agree to the Terms or any particular term of The Agreement, we request you to not use our Website to make a booking or browse through it. OnGoEazy reserves the right to change the Agreement or add new terms at any time without a prior notice. So a regular check on this page is recommended for all our users and/ or customers. The changed Terms will be effective starting from the day it is posted online. Our website is intended for the residents of the UK, and the terms of this Agreement apply to the residents of the aforementioned areas. Under this Agreement and as per our Privacy Policy, we determine your IP address to identify if you are located in the region. WHEN YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS, YOU AGREE TO MANDATORY CLASS ACTION AND WAIVER A CLASS ACTION.

Use Of OnGoEazy Website

The conditions that are mandatory to use or book with us through our travel agents are:

We hold the right to deny access to our Website or services for any individual for a reason we consider valid. It includes but does not limit to the violation of the terms of this Agreement.

Resolution Of Disputes

Under the Agreement, you agree that OnGoEazy is allowed to resolve a dispute or a claim raised with our customer care agents. The dispute may arise due to an issue with the service or issue with our Privacy Policy. We do this when you reach out to our customer care number or write to us at If we are unable to resolve the Claims within 60-days, you can seek legal redress via arbitration.

Governing Law; Submission to Jurisdiction

Terms and our rights along with the third parties are under the governing laws of England. If not mentioned otherwise, it is mutually agreed upon by both the parties that in case of a Mandatory Arbitration, the legal proceedings will undergo in an exclusive jurisdiction of England’s court. You must bring any Claims to our notice within 6-months of the booking. To start the arbitration, you must request for the same with the details of your Claims to our legal team. In case OnGoEazy requests arbitration against you, we will provide complete details with a notice at the email ID shared with us. To resolve any Claims, the arbitration will be conducted on an individual basis and not in the form of a class action or a consolidated action. Under a particular circumstance, if the Claim goes to the court instead of arbitration, OnGoEazy waives the right to a jury trial.

Travel Information - General

OnGoEazy gives you the information of your travel plans, itinerary, and Terms once you make the booking with us. It has the information about the destination, packages, and your flight schedule and other service, if availed.

We share the information with you that is sent to us through a third-party supplier. It includes airlines, tour operators, and other service providers. We have taken the necessary steps to make sure that the information written on our website is accurate and up to date. But in case it does not stand true, we do not have a responsibility or a liability for any losses you may have to face due to misinformation. The information on the website is subject to change without a prior notice. Also, the services offered by us are subject to availability. OnGoEazy user must know all the legal needs of travelling like passport, visa, health insurance, and you have to supply it to us to complete the booking process. We are service providers to assist you with the process through the desktop or mobile website and our customer support team. The final responsibility to get accurate information and carry all the necessary documents is on you. To know more about the Terms of Booking and services available on OnGoEazy you must go through the Terms of the below mentioned document. If you make a flight booking with OnGoEazy, you are required to go through the Terms of the airlines to make sure that all the information shared by us is true. The airfare booked on OnGoEazy is guaranteed only after the purchase is completed and you have completed the transactions. After this, a ticket is issued to us by the service provider and we further share it with you to complete the booking. The airlines may increase their fares without informing us and the change in the price is not dependent on us. In such a case, you are required to pay the difference to us.

As an online travel agency, we have the right to deny or cancel the tickets if we do not receive the payment by the allocated date. In case your itinerary has more than one flight, please go through all the terms and conditions of all the airlines. The terms of the airlines are available on their respective website. Every airline has different rules on their fee and charges that they levy on the booking. So if your flight has a change (cancelled or rescheduled) made by the airline resulting in a change to the other flight, you are responsible for it. In such a case, you have to bear the cost to buy new tickets for the unaffected flight. In most cases, if you want to make a change, refund or exchange the ticket, the airline requires you to pay a fee. And that cost is borne by you along with our service fee to make the requested changes. You must comply with airline terms and the rules may differ from airline to airline. OnGoEazy recommends that you must carry your outbound and return tickets with the booking confirmation mail at all times during your travel. The airline authorities may seek proof of your return at the time of check-in. OnGoEazy suggests that you book a combination of two one-way tickets instead of purchasing one round-trip.

OnGoEazy suggests booking a combination of two one-way tickets instead of purchasing one round-trip ticket. It is suggested because when booking a combination of two one-way tickets, you get more flexibility and choice of flights. The flights are usually cheaper if booked on different airlines when compared to the ones on the same airline. The terms of a combination of a one-way flight are different from a round-trip flight. The one-way flights are subject to their set terms and conditions. So if there is a change in your first flight leading to a delay in the other flight, as a customer you will be required to pay the applicable charges. In such a scenario, OnGOEazy holds no responsibility for the same. The prices displayed on our website for low-cost carriers are converted from a different currency to GBP. We do this for your convenience. Due to the conversion, you pay us an estimated (and not exact) value of the ticket purchased, and there might be an off-chance that the amount paid varies due to currency fluctuation. When you receive your e-tickets, you might have to bear an additional fee on your credit card as a transaction fee for paying in a different currency and country. When you make an international purchase, there are applicable taxes levied by your bank.


International Travel(s)

When you travel internationally, the provisions of the European Union apply to the departure and your destination. It limits the liability of the airline provider for death or any personal injury of the passengers. You must ensure that you carry all the travel documents that are required to make an entry into the international land. The passport, visa (business, tourist, or transit) must be available with you and you may be asked to present these documents at any time by the government officials. To enter a foreign country, there are some responsibilities that you must meet and OnGoEazy cannot be held responsible if you do not accomplish them. You must check all the prohibitions, warnings, and announcements issued by the government prior to reaching the destination country.

Visa and Passport

Make sure to consult the Embassy and confirm the visa and passport information prior to travelling. Our travel agents may suggest the requirements but they are subject to change at any time, so take updated information from the Embassy and confirm your tickets with us. OnGoEazy cannot be held responsible if you are denied from travelling due to absence of the required travel documents (eg., correct passport, visa, or any other documents suggested by the Embassy.) The authorities, the airline supplier, or the country (including transit) may ask for the documents at any point in time and you must present them upon their request.


We suggest that you keep a check on the necessary vaccinations to travel to a country. The vaccines may change without prior information, so keep a check on the updated information by visiting the Embassy or ask our travel agents to assist you with the required information. You must consult the doctor before you depart for your destination. Make sure that you adhere to the health requirements and take the necessary vaccination and follow the right medical procedure before travelling.


The airlines have the authority to disinfect if they perceive a doubt of threat to public health or the environment. The disinfectants are approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the International Civil Aviation Organization. They are safe for the public.

When OnGoEazy books a trip for you to foreign destination, we are not promoting or representing the country or giving a guarantee that it is safe to travel there and involves no risks. We cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that you may face as a result of travelling to a particular destination.

Airline Baggage Policies

Every airline has a different policy for their baggage allowance, fee, rules and restrictions. OnGoEazy tries its best to show you the most current and accurate baggage allowance policy and the same is published on our website via our third-party providers. However, we cannot guarantee that the information is up to date and recommend that you must verify these details at your own discretion on the airline's website or call them before your departure. Also, usually we do not include the baggage fee in the trip cost so you must confirm before finalizing on the booking.


There are different check-in rules that different airline providers follow. You must verify the check-in process and its requirements before confirming a booking. OnGoEazy recommends that you follow the given check-in schedule:

Airline Schedule Change

You may face the changes in the flight schedule that happen because of bad weather, mechanical or crew issues, or civil unrest. It includes a change from a direct flight to a one-stop or a connecting flight. Usually these changes are initiated by the airline directly, and OnGoEazy has no responsibility for it. If the change of schedule includes a cancellation, then we will notify you over the phone and send you an email to assist you with other options and choose a new one according to the airlines' guidelines. Sometimes the airline does not inform us of the changes or the cancellations. So we suggest that you must reach out to the airline directly and confirm your schedule with them. We suggest you call them at least 72-hours before the departure time to protect you against a missed flight.

If the schedule is changed, the airline will provide you with the available recourse, and they have the final authority to provide an alternative. After checking in for the flight, it is the airline's sole responsibility to handle your booking. So, if there are any cancellations, delays, change of schedule, or rebooking of your flight, it is done by the airline directly. We will only guide you with the correct procedure and the final recourse is taken by the airline. If you do not have an update of the change in schedule, or cancellation 24-hour before the departure time, or you have already reached the airport, we advise you to coordinate with the airline staff at the airport and ask for your available options. In such a time, the airline is your best source of information and will provide you with the best advice. In incidents like bad weather, you have limited options and even the airline cannot offer much apart from a rebooking or refund.

Overbooking of Flights

Sometimes a flight might be overbooked. In such cases, different airlines have different sets of rules. To know more about this, read the airline's contract of carriage.


The airfares mentioned on OnGoEazy are subject to change without giving a prior notice. The airfare offered by us is guaranteed only after you have purchased the ticket, and we have issued a PNR to you on an email confirmation with your e-tickets. Keeping in mind the market dynamics, the airlines change their prices at any time without giving any advance information to us. Once the payment details are submitted, we will send a Booking Confirmation email. It includes the booking reference number, your travel itinerary, and details of when you will receive your e-ticket. If you do not get the confirmation email then your booking is not complete, and you must reach out to us at the earliest to get the tickets issued.

Our agents inform you if the price changes before completing the bookings and under no circumstances, changes will be made on your travel ticket once they are issued by us.

The prices on OnGoEazy are in Pounds. We have the right to cancel the booking made if we do not receive the complete payment within the given time frame. If you are found making improper use of the tickets, we may cancel your trip.

Cancellations and Refunds

The bookings made on OnGoEazy are non-refundable, if not specified otherwise. If you want to cancel the booking, reach out to our travel agents and we will help you with the cancellation process. For a refundable cancellation, we administer a cancellation service fee with additional charges levied by the airline.

Cancellations By You

Air Ticket Refund: The air tickets are issued to you once we receive the full payment and are non-changeable or non-refundable, unless specified otherwise. For a name change, some service suppliers and specific airline carriers consider it as a cancellation and may not refund you for the services. If you do not use the outbound portion of the flight, the airline will automatically cancel the inbound section and a refund will not be initiated. The ‘no refund’ clause exists for past-used tickets by the airlines. The partly-used tickets are non-refundable, especially if cancelled 24 hours before the flight departure time.

Changes Or Cancellations By The Supplier

We inform you about cancellations, amendments or changes when we receive the information. If any service provider offers a replacement instead of the already booked travel arrangements or a complete refund, please inform us about your choice. Failure to do so makes the service supplier assume that you are expecting a complete refund. We hold no responsibility for any kind of cancellation that you made to the travel package by the service provider as per the agreement with them.

Our Responsibility For The Bookings You Made

The agreement linked to the airline and the terms and conditions applied by them will prevail. As your travel agents, we have no accountability for the provisions of the travel arrangements. Our responsibility is limited to process your booking as per your preference. We have no responsibility for any cases related to personal injury or death arising due to our or the employee during his/ her employment.

Contact Center Booking Service Fee

On a booking made through our contact center (a complex, multi-stop and roundtrip booking), we levy a service fee higher than our online booking fee. This fee may start from £10 to £200 per passenger by the agent. Important Note: Service fee is included in the taxes and fees, and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL AIRFARE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES MADE TO OUR SERVICE FEE. Please review the final booking amount carefully before confirming the final booking.

Special Request: Seats, Meals and Frequent Flyer

If you make a request for a special seat, meal, or frequent flyer miles; it is considered as a request only. We cannot guarantee that the requests will be provided to you. The airline has a right to make any kind of changes to your allocated seats and does not guarantee an advance notification. Once we allocate the request, you must confirm it with the airline and we have no guarantee that you will be assigned the requested seats. We do not guarantee that you will be served with a meal, frequent flyer program, or any other special request.


To include a takeoff charge to your flight ticket is by and large outlandish. In a few examples, it ought to be paid to the country's Government you are departing from and it won't be refundable by us.


When you make a booking via OnGOEazy contact centre that includes a complex multi-stop and a round-trip booking, we levy a higher service charge. This charge is higher as compared to our online booking fee and may vary from £10 to £200 per passenger.

Important Note: We may change the service fee without any prior information and the fee levied is included in our taxes. We will only charge you the final price as quoted regardless of any changes in our admin charges or service fee. You must check the final price carefully before confirming the booking.


In case you book Individual Components through us, we ensure that we make the booking as an agent for a concerned supplier(s) like the airline company or the hotel, as that helps us in getting a well-drafted contract with the supplier you are booking with. Please note that this contract is subjected to all the terms and conditions of the supplier who is liable to provide you with the services. There is an off chance that some limitations or exclusions occur for the same and in such a case the responsibility lies on you. In case you want to check the service supplier’s terms and conditions and international conventions, it will be available on request in a written format. Being an agent ourselves, we hold no accountability or responsibility for any additional charges or the offered services by one of our suppliers.


In case of any cancellations, you will be asked to send us a request in a written format and we will initiate the process only after we receive a written confirmation. In such a case, the service provider may levy additional changes or cancellation fee (which might be 100% of the final fare of travel arrangements) along with other Amendment/Alteration Fee per person which will be conveyed to you while making the changes.


Air Ticket Refund: The airline tickets are issued after receiving the full payment during making the booking and are non-changeable or non-refundable, unless specified otherwise. If a name change is required, there might be some service suppliers (for specific airline carriers) who will consider a “name change” as a cancellation and may not refund for the services. In case you do not use flight’s outbound portion, the airline will automatically cancel the inbound sector and a refund will not be initiated as ‘no refund’ clause exists for past-used tickets by the airlines. Most of the partly-used tickets are non-refundable, especially if cancelled 24 hours before the departure time.


You might get the complete refund depending on the amount paid by you for other individual components booked by you. If you have made the full payment, you might get 100% refund of the Individual Component’s price if it was specified while making the booking. We will let you know regarding the updated cancellations or amendment charges while our travel agent is processing your booking.


We inform you in case of any cancellations, amendments or changes as soon as we receive the information. If the service provider offers a replacement instead of the already booked travel arrangements or a complete refund, you have to inform us regarding your choice at the earliest. If you don’t do this, the service supplier assumes that you are expecting the complete refund. No responsibility is accepted from our end for any kind of cancellation that you made to your travel package by the service provider as per the agreement with them.

Service Charge
Admin Charges £35
Credit card surcharge 0
Tickets dispatched by first class post £15


Booking confirmation

The accommodation booking is confirmed and the contract between you and the hotel Supplier exists once we send you the booking confirmation after confirming with them. Go through all the confirmation details carefully and report to us in case of any incorrect or incomplete information. Make sure that all the names are exactly as in the passport. The booking agents hold no responsibility for any errors as the responsibility to verify all the details rely on you. The terms and conditions mentioned here are governed under British law unless the Supplier mentions that the contract with them is governed by the law of their country. If a dispute arises with the hotel Supplier, you may deal with the Courts of England and Wales. If the dispute is with concerning the booking agent, it is hereby agreed that it will be dealt by the Courts of England and Wales only.

Cancellation or Amendment of accommodation

To request for altering or cancelling the accommodation booking, you must submit it in writing to and it will be considered valid after we receive it. The cancellation is subject to our service fee as mentioned below and the amount of the hotel's cancellation or refund policy.

To amend or to reduce the number of rooms, nights or change of dates, you must note that OnGoEazy service fee and difference in the hotel tariff is charged. Any changes made are made as per the terms and conditions of the Supplier and OnGoEazy Terms of Booking. We levy a £15 fee per amendment which covers our administrative cost. The admin charge is exclusive of the fees that we are required to pay to the supplier. The charges levied by the supplier may be as much as 100% of the cost of the arrangement.

The Supplier has a right to cancel the bookings made by you following their applicable terms. It is unlikely that the Supplier changes the property booked but in a certain circumstance, the supplier will be under a legal binding to provide you with a standard property that is at a comparable standard free of cost.

In such a case, you have to choose from:

Hotel Payment, Taxes and Fees

With the tariff for hotel bookings, your credit or debit card is charged with additional taxes and fees. It is the approximate amount to pay to the supplier to confirm your booking and it includes taxes and fees of the hotel such as the sales tax, occupancy tax, room tax, value-added tax etc. Some destinations ask for a government-authorized tax to be paid to the government by the hotel at the property during check-out. OnGoEazy is not liable for any such charges of the hotel or government. The service fee that we apply is as a retainer for servicing you with your bookings.

Any new reservations made on OnGoEazy attracts a service fee of up to £50 depending upon the hotel category chosen by you as mentioned below:

Hotel Rating Service Fee
> 2 * * £10
3*** £25
4**** £35
5***** £50

For cancellations, amendments or no-shows at the hotel, OnGoEazy service fee remains non-refundable along with the charges levied by them as per the hotel policy.


The agreement linked to the service supplier(s) and the terms and conditions applied by him will prevail. As an agent, we don't hold accountability for the provisions of the travel arrangements. Our responsibility is limited to processing the booking as per the preferences and instructions by you. Please note we do not hold any responsibility information that we provide to the supplier in good faith from our end to complete the travel arrangements required for you. Although in some cases we do hold the responsibility in the circumstances. However, the maximum liability that we have is restricted to the fare of your booking (entire amount if not all the travellers mentioned in the booking are being affected). We don’t hold any responsibility for cases that are related to personal injury or death that may arise due to our or the employee’s carelessness during his employment.



The prices displayed on our website are per person and based on double occupancy, in British pounds (GBP), and do not include government fees, taxes, port expenses, or airfare (unless stated otherwise). Please note that a non-refundable £35* processing fee per booking applies and is not included in the price. The cruise line reserves the right to add a fuel supplement, which is not included in the displayed price and would be payable before departure. Passengers availing of special rates must present a government-issued ID or passport to validate tickets before boarding. While Ongoeazy strives to display accurate information, we are not responsible for errors or omissions in pricing or content. Exact prices may vary based on the departure date, departure city, ship, and stateroom. Offers and upgrades are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. Please note that if there is a running coupon code or promotion, it is only applicable to the £35 Ongoeazy service charge. These apply to particular dates, ships, sailings, and stateroom types. Reservations by credit card over the phone are possible but may be restricted and converted to British pounds (GBP). The availability of upgrades is limited, and they cannot be combined with special deals or group pricing. All information is subject to change at any time without prior notice

Days Before Cruise Start Date Cruise Cancellation Fee Per Person
91+ days £150
1-90 days £300
46-60 days 6-60 days
6-60 days 75% of the deposit price
0-30 days 100% of the deposit price


Our Refundable Rates apply to the cruise deposit fare and must be paid before the deadline specified in the table. Please note that the deposit does not include processing fees. However, this offer does not apply to chartered sailings or contracted group bookings. If you need to change or cancel your cruise booking, contact Ongoeazy directly and not the cruise supplier. Please note that some or all cruise components may be non-refundable, so we advise you to check the cancellation policy before booking. It is not allowed to make changes to the number of travellers in the booked cruise package after the booking is complete. If you need to cancel your cruise package, please be aware that the Ongoeazy service fee and the Cruise Supplier cancellation fee will be charged unless specified otherwise. Please note that no changes are allowed after the trip commences, so we advise you to ensure that all details are correct before booking confirmation.