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Travel Advice

If you plan to travel abroad, take some simple steps to have a trouble-free vacation. The steps include:

  • Before the departure date, carefully research the place that you are visiting.
  • Be aware of all the local laws and customs of the country of visit.
  • You may face penalties for issues trivial in your home country but maybe issue in a foreign land. For more information, visit
  • Please purchase your travel insurance according to your fitness quotient and your age. The insurance must ensure coverage from all the activities and adventures you are plan to do during your visit. It includes activities like skiing, paragliding etc. Read the insurance policy carefully so that they do not exclude these terms, and be aware that these policies become void if you consume excessive alcohol during your travel.
  • If you plan to travel in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you can avail of a free EHIC that provides you with free emergency care or care at a subsidized cost. It does not include your travel insurance or other costs, like the return to the UK. When you face an emergency, dial 112 from any of the European Union countries for further help.
  • Note: The FCO guide and details stated in the same are up-to-date when written and may change at any point in time. Go through the entire document for any health risks that you may face while visiting the country.
  • Before you visit a foreign country, consult a doctor and get all the vaccinations and undertake the preventive measures.
  • If you carry some medication, check if it is allowed in the destination country. Do a thorough research about the health risks you may face on your visit to a foreign country.
  • For any further details, you may reach out to the embassy or the consular office of the country of visit.
  • You must have a passport that stands valid for the entire duration of the visit to a foreign land. For certain countries, the validity must be for at least six months from the end visiting date. Additionally, ensure that you have all the visa documents that you may require and transit visas as well.
  • We advise you that you do not risk anything with the laws of a foreign country as that may lead to you spending years in prison in a country abroad. Most of these countries have a zero-tolerance policy regarding offences related to drugs or their use in any manner.
  • All the money that you are carrying must suffice for any case of an emergency, and you must not store it in one place, instead evenly distribute it in your luggage.
  • Keep your passport safe at all times in a foreign land. Also carry a photocopy of it, and leave a copy at home with your friends or family.
  • Inform your family about your whereabouts and stay while you are travelling. Make sure that you leave emergency contact numbers also with them.
  • If driving abroad, carry a valid driving license and know all the driving laws thoroughly and ensure that you follow them.
  • Know contact details and address of the nearest British Embassy or Consulate. For further details, visit