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Top Flights Tickets To Istanbul

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Book Affordable Flight Tickets to Istanbul

Istanbul, in Turkey, is one of the most important cities in the world, Historically, culturally and economically. It sits on the Bosphorus Strait, at the cusp of Europe and Asia, extending in both continents simultaneously. It has been a melting pot for the intangible exchange of European dynamism with Asian earthiness. Since antiquity, humans realised that migration and exchange are the antithesis of complacency and stagnation. Before the discovery of mediaeval sea routes, Ancient Byzantium was the crossover point on the legendary Silk Route to the Orient for the enterprising Europeans. Emperor Constantine named the ancient Byzantine after himself Constantinople in the 4th century and graced the city with many monuments and wonders. After its fall in 1453 to the Ottomans, it became the cradle of the Muslim Caliphate. With the end of Ottoman rule in 1923, the capital of the modern republic of Turkey shifted to Ankara, and the city adopted the local popular name of Istanbul.

The Greeks, The Romans, and the Ottomans have held sway over this city at various points in history. This city is the 15th largest city in the world and the most populous European city. It is the 8th most visited city in the world and the European Capital of Culture. When the appellations say so, genuine wanderlust quenches a visit to such a prestigious heritage. It has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hosts the headquarters of many national and international institutions.

After all this high-octave sightseeing, haggling, dancing, and running around, you should relax with the serene side of this bustling cosmopolis. A visit to hammams or the legendary Turkish baths is a must. Hamam Klic Ali Pasa Hamami is a signature brand in this industry. Alternatively, you can visit The Six Senses Spa for its proximity to the Bosphorus. Connecting with nature and greenery in the Belgrad city forest with an area of 1300 acres, and gazing at tulips at Gulhane Park, contiguous to the Topkapi Palace, is therapeutic for the tired souls. Istanbul holds an International Festival of Tulips annually. Strolling in beautiful arcades and neighbourhoods like Cicek Pasajii is also relaxing in nature. A transcendental experience with the dervishes at Galata Mevlevi Lodge can uplift you spiritually if visiting many mosques and churches has not awakened you already.

What to see in Istanbul?

The land straddling two continents and numerous waterfronts include ocular attractions. The Hagia Sophia is the city icon of world fame. It was once the largest cathedral in the world for 1000 years, till the Cathedral of Seville in the early 16th century. It is turned into a mosque now. Suleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque, and Eyup Sultan Mosque are some major wonders of Islamic origin. The historic sites include the Galata Tower, the Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern, the Chora Museum and the Golden Horn of the Byzantine and Roman eras. The Ottoman palaces like Dolmabahce Palace, Topkapi Palace, and Beylerbeyi Palace are worth a watch. Camlica Hill, Bebel Park, Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium, Emirgan Park, Park, Gulhane Park, and Bosphorus Strait are nature and local topography-based popular tourist attractions. Sultanahmet District with Sultan Ahmed Square, Ortakoy, the colourful Balat, İstiklal Caddesi, and Pierre Loti Tepesi are popular tourist haunts. Zorlu Centre, Istinye Park, and the Grand Bazaar are shopping haunts. Apart from history at the sites, there are many additional museums and monuments like Rahmi M. Koc Museum (of cars and toys), Miniaturk (mini models of 105 monuments), Kiz Kulesi, and Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum.

What to do in Istanbul?

There is much to do and experience in this heritage-rich city, with a richer evolution panorama. It is not an antique, hands-down land but a very modern and breathing city where the cultural scope is dynamic. The Bosphorus waterfront is the backdrop of many activities. Take a boat tour of shimmering azure water, and you can view many minarets, domes, mosques, basilicas, and palaces. And the Bosphorus is a bridge between Europe and Asia. You can combine the boat or luxury yacht tour with the Turkish night show of Belly dancing and Anatolian Dance. Rumeli fortress is at the narrowest point of the strait for fortification and defence purposes. There are many pubs, restaurants, bars, and discotheques to feed and entertain the energetic crowd - Mayotte Pub & Live Music, Quit Bar, Denizkızı Meyhanesi, and Ors Disco Kilyos. Nardis at the foot of Galata Tower is a reputed jazz music bar. The Kadikoy Cinemas is one of the oldest cinemas. Salon IKSV hosts music concerts of international reputation in the Sishane quarter of Beyoglu. Bomontiada on the European side of Istanbul is a very happening hot spot for the buzzing youths. Sureyya Opera House is a sophisticated opera or ballet show. Arka Oda is a prime destination on the bar street of Kadife Sokak in Kadikoy.

When one has spent so much energy, a gastronome needs to be replenished suitably, and one does not have to go very far. Istanbul is a cuisine and tummy-friendly city. The plenty of fares and cuisines are sure to pamper the taste buds. You can eat fish sandwiches at Eminoni, Russian cuisine in 1924, or Kumpir on the street side in Ortakoy. Tucking in profiteroles at Inci Pastanesi (İstiklal Caddesi), Turkish breakfast at the Emirgan Sütiş and traditional Anatolian recipes at Ciya Sofrasi are a gastronomic delight. You can wine and dine at Mikla or gorge on the kebabs, kofte and other non-veg fares at Pandeli on the upper floor at the entrance of Spice Bazaar. Please make sure to taste candies at Altan Sakarlane.

Once you visit the city, you want to take back the tangible memories, which would remind you of the good times spent here. Shop till you drop in the various malls and plazas or if you wish to have a feel for real Turkish shopping, please visit the mediaeval royal Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, and Ferikoy, the flea market. It is bound to upgrade your bargaining and negotiating skills. Another must-to-do experience is getting on the Tünel, the world's second-oldest underground train between Karakoy and Tunel Square.

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How do I get a cheap London to Istanbul flight?

At OnGoEazy, we offer cheap flight tickets from London to Istanbul. We have partnered with several airlines that travel to Istanbul in their network of destinations. So, we get access to their offers and deals. If you want to book a cheap flight to Istanbul, you may contact OnGoEazy travel experts at 0204-529-2299 or

How can I find the cheapest flight tickets from Birmingham to Istanbul?

At OnGoEazy, we offer cheap flight tickets from Birmingham to Istanbul. We have partnered with several airlines that travel to Istanbul in their network of destinations. So, we get access to their offers and deals. If you want to book a cheap flight to Istanbul from Birmingham, you may contact OnGoEazy travel experts at 0204-529-2299 or

How many hours is the flight from Dublin to Istanbul?

The flight duration from Dublin to Istanbul is 4 hours and 15 minutes

Which airlines fly to Istanbul from London?

Many airlines fly to Istanbul from London. Istanbul is one the top destinations for UK travellers, and many airlines enlisted on OnGoEazy fly there. The airlines that fly to Istanbul from London are:

If you want to book your flight to Istanbul from London, reach out to OnGoEazy travel experts to help you with every step of booking and bring budget-friendly airfares for you.

Which airport does British Airways fly to in Istanbul?

British Airways flights from London to Istanbul fly to Istanbul Airport.

What is the best time to fly to Istanbul?

Istanbul offers a Mediterranean and oceanic climate. We recommend that you plan your holiday to Istanbul from June to August. It is one of the prime tourist seasons, and we offer great flight offers to the city at this time of the year.

Which airline is the cheapest to fly to Istanbul on OnGoEazy?

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Istanbul, and therefore, it is the cheapest airline to fly to Istanbul.

What time of day is the cheapest to buy a flight ticket to Istanbul?

We suggest that the best time to buy an online ticket to Istanbul is during off-peak hours on Thursday or Saturday. We recommend that; you purchase your tickets three to four weeks before your departure date to avail our best-offered discounts.

What are the top tourist attractions of Istanbul that OnGoEazy destination experts recommend?

  • Hagia Sophia
  • The Blue Mosque
  • Topkapi Palace Museum
  • Bosphorus
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Basilica Cistern

Which airlines enlisted on OnGoEazy fly to Istanbul?

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