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Izmir is a Turkish coastal town in the Mediterranean sea. It is the second largest urban centre on the Aegean Sea after Athens. On an indentation of the Gediz river delta, this city lies on the Europe - Asia interface. This single feature holds the key to the strategic significance of this historic city. Often attributed to the Greeks, the 2004 discovery of Yesilova Hoyuk, a prehistoric human settlement mound, has reset the clock of history to around 8500 years. The Greeks called this city Smyrna, until 1930 when modern-day Turkey was rebuilt. Herodotus termed it an Aeolian city, later seized by the Ionians. This fact is testified by a well-preserved dated house in Bayrakli (925 BC). This city later had the focus of attention of the Lydians, Persians, Romans, and Ottomans at various points in history. Izmir holds a lot of importance as an ancient port city. It was the centre of trade, arts, and culture in ancient times. Homer, the famous Greek bard, is reputed to be a local son. In the modern era, it is a tourist magnet.

What to see in Izmir?

The Ephesus Archaeological Museum is in Selcuk. And it showcases ancient Greek vestiges, the statue of the Greek goddess Artemis being its most famous exhibit. Izmir Clock Tower is an Ottoman marvel built in 1901 to commemorate the 25 years of the ascension of Abdu'l Hamed II to the throne. It is in Konak and is considered the city centre. The Historical Elevator Tower is an innovative tower built to bypass a tortuous ascent of 155 stairs, plus a long walk between the sea-level district of Mithatpasa Street and Halil Rifat Pasa Street on a hilltop. It was built in 1907 by Nesim Levi, a Jewish businessman, as a Jewish heritage project. Konak Square and Mount Kadifekale are important points of interest in Izmir. The Izmir Wildlife Park and Kulturpark Izmir have parks and nature points to treat the naturists. Smyrna Agora Ancient City, Izmir Archaeological and Ethnography Museum, and KEY Museum are worth a visit.

What to do in Izmir:

There are many options for a visitor to soak in the spirit of Izmir. It is very much a Greek or Mediterranean town. You have many cruises in the sea and balloon rides in the air to breathe that spirit. History buffs have the most on their platter to ingest or breathe in whatever way they like. The Mediterranean vines and vineyards are a culture unto themselves and call for wine-tasting tours. The Kulturpark Izmir is a site for many cultural festivals and concerts all -year round. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pamukkale is just two and a half hours away. The "Cotton Castle" is a wonderland with its miraculous waters having healing properties. A swim in this area is a lifetime experience. Apart from all this fun, history is replete in all its Roman grandeur. So Izmer and its natural beauty and historical heritage have a different display of nature and culture. It is a travesty of the travelling spirit if it is not told of such a unique marvel.

Fly to Izmir with OngoEazy

Izmir is an entrepot on a Eurasian cup of twin hinterlands, plus it is a Mediterranean port city. Which means it can never be cut off or elusive from the world. You can fly from any part of the world to Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, which can be safely said to be the centre of the world. As easy as it is to get to Izmir, let us at OnGoEazy make it a little easier for our esteemed clientele. After all, the Mediterranean spirit is about getting easy-easy about life in the sense of detox and de-stressing. The citrus detox is the reason for the cultural acme of the trans-Mediterranean civilization. Since we make it easier for you, let us at OnGoEazy, put you on a flight to Izmir and cruise around the city in a car or ships on the water to explore this Mediterranean jewel. It's the easiest way out, and it is our promise. Hence, OnGoEazy!

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