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Montego Bay is a Jamaican town. It is the capital parish of St James in Jamaica. It is the second largest town of English speakers in the Caribbean region. Christopher Columbus is said to have set foot on this island in 1494, whereby he was received by the earliest known inhabitants, the Arawaks from South America. He named the bay "Fair Weather Gulf" for its calm waters. The island was a Spanish colony until 1655, when the British led by Oliver Cromwell, drove the Spanish out. Montego Bay had primarily functioned as a sugarcane port as the parish was the largest producer until the rebellion led by Samuel Sharpe in 1832. Jamaica gained freedom on 1st August 1834. In the modern era, Montego Bay is known for its many seaside resorts, duty-free shopping of international brands, second homes of upscale Jamaicans, Europeans and North Americans, port facilities, and fine dining restaurants.

What to see in Montego Bay?

Montego Bay is just like a hinge for the Jamaican tourism door. The city is served by Donald Sangster International Airport, the busiest airport in the anglophone Caribbean. Many international hospitality chains have their resorts and hotels located in the region. The city has a booming BPO industry which affords a sizable population with spending power. Beaches act as oxygen for this island city. Doctor's Cave Beach is the most famous beach with white sands, alluring azure waters, fine dining and aqua sports facilities. Others include Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach, Dead End Beach, Harmony Beach Park and many more such gems. Rastafari Indigenous village in a breathing community centre where one can mingle and experience the culture of the indigenous people as one of them. It is a unique must-see experience.

Fort Montego and Sam Sharpe Squares are monumental odes to different perspectives and eras of history. Cornwall Regional Hospital is a large hospital which is locally known for its international services and facilities. Several ex-sugar plantations have been converted into resorts, complete with original buildings and millworks, and the most famous of them is Rose Hall of White Witch. It has a world-class golf course.

What to do in Montego Bay?

Montego Bay promises to offer energy to every type of soul on its land. Be it the low-key solo traveller seeking the bliss of solitude, a nervy youth channelling their oozing energy stream, the resident Jamaican in search of their land or the captivated expat who has their second home here.

Water activities are the most exciting and have the widest array on the to-do list. It includes Reggae Catamaran Comise with snorkelling, zipline, tubing, jet skiing, bamboo raft cruising, swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Love Negril and river rafting. Some unique must-experience activities are visiting the "Animal Farm", Ras Natango Gallery and Garden, Rose Hall Great House, Bellefield Great House, Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, Half Moon Equestrian Centre, and Rastafari Indigenous Village. You can go shopping at the Shoppes at Rose Hall for souvenirs, The Blue Diamond Shopping Plaza, Fontana Pharmacy and others. Club Mobay at the airport is an interesting place on its own. A special mention to be made is the Bob Marley Tour, which is a visit to the birth and burial sites of great music icon Bob Marley, in the village of 9 miles, in the mountains of St. Ann.

Why fly to Montego Bay with OngoEazy?

As easy as life promises to be in Montego Bay or Mo Bay (The Second Home), OnGoEazy promises to make it easier for the esteemed traveller who flies to the Sangster. However easy it may seem to fly to this busy homely haven, it may confuse the incognito eye. OnGoEazy steps in to help you with a discerning vision of a safe and comfortable transit and boarding at MoBay, that is easy on your pocket. You are free to enjoy your own free space thereon.

What is the best time to fly to Montego Bay?

Montego Bay offers tropical weather and can be visited all year round. We recommend that you plan your holiday to Montego Bay from January to March. It is one of the prime tourist seasons, and we offer great flight offers to the city at this time of the year.

Which airline is the cheapest to fly to Montego Bay on OnGoEazy?

Lufthansa is the cheapest airline to fly to Montego Bay.

What time of day is the cheapest to buy a flight ticket to Montego Bay?

We suggest that the best time to buy an online ticket to Montego Bay is during off-peak hours on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. We recommend that; you purchase your tickets three to four weeks before your departure date to avail our best-offered discounts.

What are the top tourist attractions of Montego Bay that OnGoEazy destination experts recommend?

  • Doctor's Cave Beach
  • Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach
  • Rastafari Indigenous Village
  • Montego Bay Marine Park Trust
  • Fort Montego
  • Sam Sharpe Square

Which airlines enlisted on OnGoEazy fly to Montego Bay?

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