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Puerto Espana on the Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, an enthusiastic country from the Caribbean archipelago. As the name suggests, it was a former Spanish colony bang on the American front. It is a financial services centre in the region and the largest container port. Served by Piarco International Airport, the island is well-connected with major global destinations. Famous as the home of Brian Lara, everybody surely remembers the legendary indomitable spirit and the waves grooving to calypso beats and drums. 'We Gather Strength As We Go Along.' A torque of hope moves the mountains to manifest as the enthusiasm of Carnivals.

What to see in Port of Spain?

Port of Spain has an abundance to offer in a short span of land. There is a verdant expanse of greenery known as the Queen's Park Savannah, in addition to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Nelson Mandela Park, and other landscaped parks. The Emperor Valley Zoo, Esperanza Alta Hummingbirds, and Caroni Bird Sanctuary for fauna sightseeing. The historically inclined should see the National Museum & Art Gallery, the seaside city fort called Fort George, the Stollmeyer Castle, the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Mille Fleurs, Trinity Cathedral, Woodford Square, Port of Spain Lighthouse, Roomor and many more such monuments and memorials dotting the city. In addition to the above monumental heritage, there are other buildings worth a visit, including the President House, Whitehall, Boissiere House, and Archbishops House. The port city is complemented by visits to Saint Ann's Peak, Mt. Hololo, Five Islands, Nelson Island, Caledonia Island, Craig Island, Pelican Island, Lenagan Island, Carrera, Cronstadt Island and Land La Vache Bay, Saint d'Eau Beach, and Paragrant Bay for natural marvels. Other sites worth a visit include the city skyline International Waterfront Centre from the Gulf of Paria, Independence Square, Eric Williams Plaza, and MovieTowne. Port of Spain hosts some of the tallest Caribbean skyscrapers like the Nicholas Tower and the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

What to do in Port of Spain?

Port of Spain is a naturally blessed land, with the Gulf of Paria, North Range hills and the Caroni Swamp encompassing the city, thus making the city amenable to plenty of water and mountain adventures. The biodiversity in the region has many natural gazing sights as well. Over 465 species of birds and 100 species of mammals inhabiting the region define its rich biodiversity. The peaks of the Northern Range have many bird watching and hiking trails. Caroni Swamp wetland is the native habitat of the scarlet ibis, the national bird, and regular guided boat tours for local exploration. Blue Basin waterfalls in Diego Martin are a popular attraction.

The Downtown Port of Spain is the nerve cultural and financial centre. It houses most of the important architecture of historical and national eminence. The town is dotted with cathedrals, colleges, malls, and plazas like Colsort Mall, New City Mall, Espermania Plaza, A boutique Mall, etc. St. Clair near Queens Park Savannah has some of the city's most upscale mansions like the Magnificent Houses. The Savannah is an amalgamation of the sporting greens, the Zoo, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The sports greens include many cricket grounds, rugby and football pitches and a defunct race track. The southern vicinity of the Savannah is the Grand Stand, the venue for the signature Carnival, Calypso Monarch, Carnival King and Queen Competitions, and the finals of the Panorama steelpan competition. The Port of Spain National Academy for Performing Arts also lies on the southern edge. The Carnival City has a throbbing nightlife, in addition to the annual feature. The most notable ones are Zen, 51 degrees, Coco Lounge, etc. Ariapita Avenue is packed with many pubs, eateries and nightclubs. One can find fine dining restaurants with many cuisines. This entertainment hub has a Jazz Lounge and Wine Tasting restaurant as well. Another entertainment hotspot is Movie Townes Fiesta Plaza which has multi-cuisine restaurants, open-air dining, and a bandstand with live music. Many international music performers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Akon, and Nicki Minaj have graced the city with concerts.

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