10 Must-Do-Things for Your Next Trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is a gorgeous and myriad country in the heart of Europe. It is a favoured tourist destination for its spectacular natural geographies, outdoor ventures, and cultural attractions. Switzerland is known for its breathtaking geography, described by the Swiss Alps, covering nearly 60% of the land area. If you are planning your next trip to Switzerland, these 10 must-do things and experiences can enhance your Switzerland voyage:

1) Explore the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is renowned for its stunning Alpine landscapes. The Swiss Alps offers diverse experiences, from outdoor adventures to cultural immersion. The ideal time to call is from June to August. You can visit Davos, Interlaken, Sant Moritz, and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. You can go hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, and more.

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2) Visit Zermatt and the Matterhorn

Zermatt is a fascinating mountain town at the foot of the Matterhorn, one of the world’s most prominent peaks. It is an all-year destination. Zermatt is car-free, so you’ll have to reach by train. Electric taxis and horse-drawn carriages are the direct mode of getting around the village. Take the Gornergrat Railway for scenic views of the Matterhorn and peaks. Moreover, the Sunnegga funicular also delivers spectacular sights.

3) Cruise on Swiss Lakes

Take a leisurely cruise on Switzerland’s pristine lakes, such as Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne, or Lake Zurich. Enjoy the picturesque views of the mountains and charming lakeside towns. Cruises on Swiss lakes offer a mix of relaxation, natural beauty, and cultural exploration. So you will get several cruise options, like steamboats, paddle wheelers, and modern vessels. Remember, cruises are available from spring to Autumn.

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4) Sample Swiss Chocolate

Switzerland is renowned for its best-quality chocolate. Do not forget to visit chocolate factories and stores to dog in some of the world’s most pleasing chocolates. You can start your tour from Zurich, where you should visit Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum, showcasing the history of chocolate. Besides this, head to the Swiss Chocolate Adventure Museum for an engaging voyage through the world of Swiss chocolate.

5) Experience Swiss Cheese

Uncover the hub of Swiss cheese, including choices like Emmental, Gruyères, Appenzeller, Sbrinz, and Raclette. You can visit Emmental Valley, Gruyère, Appenzell region, and Zura Mountain, where you can follow cheese tastings and even see traditional cheese-making procedures. So you can ask residents for suggestions and be open to testing new cheeses and dishes. Moreover, Swiss cheese is not just a chow but a cultural and culinary jewel that adds an amusing dimension to your trip to Switzerland.

6) Explore Swiss Cities

The Swiss cities have a wealthy past and culture. You can explore beaches of Lake Zurich and carry a boat passage for spectacular views of the city and the Alps. Swiss National Museum can give you glimpse of the cultural history and heritage of Switzerland. Besides, you can visit Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, Federal Palace, Einstein House, Art Basel, August Raurica, and more. Head to the “Top of Europe” with a cogwheel train conveyance to Jungfraujoch, delivering spectacular alpine vistas.

7) Ride the Swiss Trains

Swiss train travel is not simply a mode of conveyance; it is an essential element of the Swiss travel venture. You can take a ride for travelling between cities, venture on a scenic road, or simply commute locally. These are frequent, sustainable, time-saving, and efficient, making travelling easier. You can make a Swiss travel pass that can reduce your travel hassle. It also offers multilingual signs and announcements onboard and local cuisine to relish.

8) Hike in the Swiss National Parks

Switzerland boasts many national parks, and the Swiss National Park in the Engadin Valley is among the prominent ones. Begin your tour at the National Park Visitor Center in Zernez, where you will get the map and necessary information. Though the entry is free, you have to follow the regulation. There are many hiking routes of different lengths and difficulty levels. Some famous trails are the Il Fuorn region, Val Trupchun, and Val Cluozza. The Swiss National Park is a sanctuary for wildlife, like ibex, chamois, marmots, and a range of bird species. Bring your binoculars to get a closer glimpse. If you are not confident about hiking alone, you can go for guided hikes.

9) Visit Château de Chillon

Visiting the Château de Chillon is a fine idea for your trip to Switzerland. Château de Chillon is present on the bank of Lake Geneva near Montreux. It is one of the most charming and well-conserved medieval palaces that presents a captivating glimpse into history. It is accessible to tourists throughout the year. You will have to pay entry fees and can get guided and self-guided tours. It often hosts temporary exhibitions. Besides that, you can also dig in nearby attractions, like Montreux and Freddie Mercury statues.

10) Enjoy Swiss Fondue

You can not depart Switzerland without having traditional Swiss fondue. It is an iconic and beloved dish with cheese, white wine, garlic, cornstarch, and more. It is available throughout the year and has several varieties. The famous places for it are Gruyères and Engadin region. Thus it is a must-try in Switzerland and an ideal way to indulge in Swiss customs and savours. Enjoy your journey and your fondue!

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There are several experiences you can have during your trip to Switzerland. Switzerland is a year-round terminus, delivering winter sports in the colder months and hiking, biking, and water activities in the summer. Spring and Autumn also offer unique experiences. Switzerland caters to all types of travellers, be they outdoor enthusiasts, a gourmet, narrative buff, or simply seeking natural magnificence. Make your journey to Switzerland memorable by exploring the enchanting cities, hiking in the Swiss Alps, or savouring Swiss culinary treats like fondue. Switzerland also hosts diverse cultural fests and celebrations throughout the year, providing a glance into its culture and traditions.

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