Enjoy World-class Eco-friendly Hotels in Europe

Europe boasts a wealth of eco-friendly getaways, where sustainability and environmental responsibility are more than just buzzwords. These unique lodges and hotels offer you a chance to experience the beauty of Europe while treading lightly on the Earth. From the bustling streets of Lisbon to the remote corners of Bornholm Island, each destination we’ve chosen has a story to tell, a mission to fulfil, and an adventure waiting for you. So, let’s dive into Europe’s top 10 eco-friendly getaways:

Photo by Maria Orlova

Magdas Hotel, Vienna: 

Nestled in Vienna’s Prater Park, Magdas Hotel is a true gem in one of Europe’s greenest cities. This unique hotel is a result of the collaboration between socially conscious hoteliers and immigrants, including former refugees. Their mission is simple yet powerful. So this promotes inclusivity and creates a meeting place for people from 16 different nations, speaking 20 languages. The hotel oozes charm with local artwork, upcycled vintage furniture, and a secluded terrace where you can savour local wine and beer. As an added bonus, if you arrive by train or bike, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount.

Cabin Anna, the Netherlands: 

Hidden away in the Holenberg forest at the doorstep of Maashorst nature reserve, Cabin Anna offers an off-grid and self-sufficient escape into the heart of nature. The emphasis here is on reducing your environmental footprint, from the choice of linen to recycled waste-product tableware. The cabin features a vast glass atrium that allows you to immerse yourself in nature, no matter the weather. With safaris, cycling, and hiking just a stone’s throw away, this is an ideal retreat for all nature enthusiasts.

Impact House, Lisbon: 

In the cobbled streets of Lisbon’s riverside Belém district, you’ll find the bustling Impact House. It is a certified B-Corporation hostel with sustainability at its core. The property partners with local non-profits to host green events, and provides a space for the community to come together. Besides, you can explore an onsite vegetable garden, local plant-based meals on the terrace, and go for a swim. With practices like donating surplus food to homeless charities and using biodegradable cleaning products, Impact House is a true beacon of eco-friendly hotels living.

Green Solution House, Denmark: 

On Bornholm Island, Green Solution House stands out as a modern, sustainable hotel with a commitment to the environment. Six years ago, architecture practice 3XN and eco-minded studio GXN refurbished this vast hotel to a high sustainability standard. The property even boasts a carbon-negative extension built entirely from wood. It’s designed with materials that can be recycled, disassembled, or biodegraded. Moreover, the swimming pool has been transformed into a thermal energy storage system, efficiently heating every room in the hotel. Similarly, Bornholm Island itself is on a mission to be carbon neutral by 2025, making it an ideal destination for eco-conscious travellers.

Parcel Tiny House, France: 

In various locations across France, Parcel Tiny House invites you to reconnect with the terroir. Positioned in vineyards, meadows, and farms in regions like Brittany, Bordeaux, Limousin, and Champagne, these self-sufficient Tiny Houses offer a unique experience. Moreover, your hosts, who are passionate about slow food and traditional methods, will guide you through an authentic, unplugged journey. Each accomodation is constructed with wood from responsibly managed forests in France, equipped with solar panels, and features dry toilets. Besides, the intentional lack of TV and Wi-Fi encourages you to truly switch off and immerse yourself in nature.

Apipura Hotel Rinner, Italy: 

At Apipura Hotel Rinner in the South Tyrol region of Italy, everything revolves around the bee – a symbol of regeneration and sustainability. The owner, a beekeeping expert, introduces guests to the Beecura system, Italy’s first api-wellness experience, which involves the inhalation of beehive air. You can also take part in bee education trials, beekeeping courses, and savour jars of organic honey. Moreover, this Alpine hotel offers outdoor spa facilities with mountain views and an extensive play area for children. Additionally, its electricity is sourced from a new district heating station powered by waste wood products, and the menu features strictly local and seasonal ingredients.

Explorer Hotels, Germany and Austria: 

If you’re planning to explore the picturesque skiing and hiking regions across Germany and Austria, Explorer Hotels should be your top choice. While they may not boast rustic mountain charm, these hotels excel in offering low-cost, low-carbon holidays. Moreover, they were the first in Europe certified with “passive house status.” So this guarantees energy efficiency with features like triple-glazed windows, solar heating, and more. Each property is carbon neutral and follows eco-friendly practices. Additionally, they’re committed to a low-waste policy, making them a top pick for conscious travellers looking for eco-friendly hotels.

Dene Cottage, Orkney Islands: 

The Orkney Islands have set their sights on becoming a green tourism destination, and Dene Cottage is the leading eco-friendly hotels. Achieving the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold award, this self-catering holiday cottage has gone off-grid for a sustainable stay. Solar panels and a small wind turbine provide electricity, while high-level insulation and plastic-free amenities ensure your eco-friendly experience. So for those looking to explore the island, e-bikes are available for rent just a short walk away from Dounby village.

Photo by Iván Rivero

Terraegna Mountain Hut, Italy: 

Recently renovated with support from Rewilding Europe Capital, Terraegna Mountain Hut offers the charm of a bothy with added luxuries. Located high in the Abruzzo mountains at 1,780 meters, this stone shepherd’s hut is only accessible by foot, mountain bike, or snowshoe. Surrounded by the wild beauty of nature, including bears, wolves, and boars, this hut can accommodate groups of upto 10. Additionally, operated by Wildlife Adventures, it plays a part in protecting endemic species like the Apennine chamois and Marsican brown bear. Moreover, this is one of the most popular eco-friendly hotels in Europe.

Wheatland Farm, Devon: 

Set on a 21-acre conservation project in Devon, Wheatland Farm is the perfect rural getaway for nature enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find barn owls, nine species of bats, tree pipits, hares, and nesting nuthatches. In the winter, the fields come alive with migrating thrushes. These cottages receive their electricity from renewable energy, and Honeysuckle Lodge boasts an “eco hot tub” as well. Moreover, to encourage car-free holidays, the property offers station transfers and electric bike rentals.

Photo by Rachel Claire


Europe is brimming with eco-friendly hotels, each offering a unique experience for conscious travellers. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant streets of Lisbon, the secluded beauty of Bornholm Island, or the wild landscapes of the Abruzzo mountains, these establishments prioritise sustainability, green living, and memorable experiences. So choose your eco-friendly European adventure and embark on a journey that respects our planet and embraces the natural world. So embark on a journey that goes beyond exploring Europe’s landscapes and leaves a positive mark on the planet with OnGoEazy.

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