Is Thai Airways a Family-Friendly Airline?

Most people often avoid flying with their family, especially when infants and kids are involved. Many travellers believe that travelling with children requires a lot of preparation and planning. However, Thai Airways offers efficient services and support at every step of your journey, and the whole idea becomes much easier than you believe. Follow this blog to understand how and why it tops the list of being the best airline option as a family-friendly airline. Ongoeazy will help you know if Thai Airways is a suitable airline for your travel plans.

What you should know before booking:

Thai Airways has a magnificent fleet of 43 widebody aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. All their aircraft are well-maintained and packed with entertainment essential to survive long-haul flights when flying with children. Make sure you check discounts and offers available on Thai Airways flight booking with Ongoeazy before making your purchase. Ongoeazy lets your Thai Airways flight booking become safer, more straightforward and more efficient. As you can only pre-book infant or kids’ meals and not the seats or check in via the web before, we recommend contacting Ongoeazy. Our dedicated travel consultants will assist you with reassurance and guidance on going about your journey with children without hiccups.

The Ever-famous hospitality of Thai Airways:

Perhaps the most crucial feature of any journey with an airline is their staff’s behaviour towards you and your family. That becomes a dealbreaker for many, and rightfully so. The cabin crew of the airline are known to be extremely cordial and accommodating. Their warmth and attention to detail help you travel easily and without worries. You are given priority upon boarding, stroller access, and priority seating. There is generous legroom with a seat pitch of 32-35 inches, providing ample space.

They also happily provide you with free luggage allowance, seat selection for free, pillows and blankets for extra comfort. You can experience Thai Airlines‘ award-winning inflight facilities and amenities. You can choose from extensive meals, beverages, and seating configurations. Take benefit of their frequent flyer miles and experience the famous warm hospitality that travellers have acknowledged over the years.

Travelling with Children on Thai Airways:

When you travel with kids, keeping them entertained is a big worry. So they don’t panic while take-offs and landings are happening. Airports are usually more entertaining for kids as they have plenty of space to run around and be distracted. It is these very restraints when you board a flight that Thai Airways has excellently managed to combat. It offers a range of toys, games, and books according to the child’s age.

You can enjoy audio-visual on-demand entertainment options available to all classes via wide touch screens. Select from a list of family movies, cartoons, TV shows, interactive games and music choices. There are also dedicated kids’ entertainment channels.

Curb the hunger pangs of your kids:

It offers a selection of award-winning meals and beverage choices, meal options for
children and infants, and baby meals. With a selection of yummy delights such as Spaghetti
Bolognese, fruit juice, cookies, and chocolate bars, will require strong willpower to choose the adult meal instead of your toddler’s lunch.

The Family-friendly Approach:

Thai Airways is the best airline option for those looking for kids-friendly airlines. The staff offers constant support with a kind, ever-smiling approach. They are highly attentive and accommodating of your needs and requests. It’s safe to say that Thai Airways love to have kids around.

Now that you know why Thai Airways is the best family-friendly airline. Let Ongoeazy help you with a smooth Thai Airways flight booking process and avail exclusive discounts and offers on your Thai Airways flight booking.

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