World’s Best Airlines for Family Travel 

In an era where shared experiences are cherished, family travel has taken centre stage. The allure of discovering new horizons and bonding with loved ones has ignited a surge in wanderlust. As families set out on exciting journeys, airlines have risen to the occasion, transforming flights into memorable adventures for travellers of all ages. Beyond transportation, these carriers understand that family travel is about crafting an exceptional experience. From attentive amenities to tailored services, they’ve reimagined the sky as a playground for both young and old.

So join us as we unveil the best airlines that have mastered the art of making family travel truly extraordinary.

Singapore Airlines: 

Singapore Airlines stands as a beacon for family-friendly travel. Catering to the young ones, they offer bassinet seats for infants to ensure peaceful slumber during the flight. Kid-centred amenity kits, featuring coloring books, crayons, toys, and age-appropriate items, keep children engaged. The airline’s nod to safety allows approved child restraint devices, like car seats, for extra protection. So with diaper-changing tables in restrooms and spacious seating for families, every detail is meticulously designed for a smoother, more comfortable voyage. Similarly, entertainment options spanning movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts, games, and cartoons ensure a captivating journey for young adventurers.

Emirates Airlines: 

Emirates Airlines shines in the realm of family travel with its array of child-friendly meal choices and dietary accommodations. Young travellers are treated to an assortment of kid-friendly options, from chicken nuggets to fruit platters. Parents can select preferred diets for their children while booking or within 24 hours before departure. Moreover, Emirates caters to the tiniest passengers with onboard baby formula options, ensuring that the youngest flyers are well taken care of.

Qatar Airways: 

Qatar Airways places child safety at the heart of its family travel services. With clear guidelines and policies, they ensure a secure environment for toddlers. Their Child Restraint Systems encompass bassinets and provisions for infants. Parents can bring their own seats for kids, enhancing peace of mind. Qatar’s dedicated focus extends to unaccompanied minors aged 5 to 15, who receive attentive care throughout the journey. Similarly, families can relish designated seating together for that extra dose of convenience. Moreover, amenities like baby-changing facilities, child-friendly entertainment, and tailored meals add to the well-rounded family experience.

Etihad Airways: 

Etihad Airways knows that families need a smooth start. With pre-boarding and family boarding policies, families with young children can embark at their own pace, avoiding the boarding rush. Moreover, Etihad offers exclusive children’s meals, infant bassinets, and in-flight entertainment tailored for kids. To further sweeten the deal, their “Flying Nanny” service lends a helpful hand to families travelling with the youngest members.

British Airways: 

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British Airways brings joy to family travel with a spectrum of onboard childcare services and activities. Formerly, their kids’ club, Skyflyers, offered age-appropriate diversions like colouring books, games, and special meals. The airline caters to children’s tastes and dietary needs, ensuring they remain content. Amenity kits, bassinets, and changing facilities are at hand. Moreover, early boarding for families gives ample time to settle in, and the cabin crew is trained to assist families with their needs. Similarly, the addition of child restraint devices, activity packs, stickers, craft kits, interactive games, puzzles, and art supplies ensures a flight filled with smiles.

Virgin Atlantic: 

Virgin Atlantic makes family travel hassle-free by accommodating strollers and baby gear. They understand the importance of strollers for infants and permit them free of charge. Certain strollers might even qualify within checked baggage allowances. Besides, the airline goes above and beyond with its “CARES” (Child Aviation Restraint System) harness, ensuring the safety and comfort of young travellers.

Air New Zealand: 

Air New Zealand has transformed lounges, making them welcoming havens for families. Lounges such as Koru and regional ones cater to kids with play areas, child-friendly meals, and changing facilities. Priority check-in, family security lanes, and assistance for passengers with young children streamline the airport experience. The airline extends its care to stroller and car seat storage during layovers, ensuring a seamless journey. Similarly, the commitment to young travellers extends to onboard meals and designated quiet areas for relaxation.

JetBlue Airways:

JetBlue Airways is synonymous with family rewards and loyalty programs. Their TrueBlue program lets travellers earn points for every eligible dollar spent on flights. These can also be redeemed for future flights, seat upgrades, and more. Similarly, the convenience of Family Pooling allows combining points into a single account, accelerating rewards. Moreover, the Mosaic status tier offers bonus points, free checked bags, priority security, and boarding, perfect for families seeking added comfort and convenience.

Helpful Tips for Seamless Family Flights:

  • Plan Ahead: Book flights early to secure family-friendly amenities and seating together.
  • Know Policies: Familiarize yourself with airline policies for baby gear, pre-boarding, and special meals.
  • Pack Smart: Bring essentials like snacks, comfort items, entertainment, and medications.
  • Time it Right: Choose flights that align with your child’s sleep schedule.
  • Lounge Access: Arrive early to enjoy family-friendly lounges with play areas and amenities.
  • Kids’ Meals: Pre-order meals catering to your child’s tastes and dietary needs.
  • Seat Strategy: Opt for aisle seats for convenience and window seats for views.
  • Entertainment Prep: Load tablets with kid-friendly apps, games, and movies.
  • Stay Hydrated: Bring reusable water bottles to fill up after security and stay hydrated.
  • Be Patient: Keep calm and patient- travel can be overwhelming for kids.


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These airlines stand as champions of family-friendly travel, offering amenities and services that cater to young passengers and their parents. Whether it’s dedicated seating, child-friendly meals, or thoughtful entertainment options, these airlines ensure that families embark on a journey that’s not just about getting from point A to B, but about creating cherished memories along the way.

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