10 Reasons Why Ryan Air is Popular among UK Travellers 

Ryan Air is a cost-effective Irish airline headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 1984 by Tony Ryan. The European airline has become one of the largest and most well-known budget carriers. It is a popular low-cost airline among UK travellers for several reasons. Here are ten key factors contributing to its popularity:

1) Affordable Fares: 

Ryan Air is known for its budget-friendly fares, allowing travellers to find cheap flights for various destinations within and outside the UK. Ryan Air is known for offering low prices on its flights, and it has built its business model around providing budget-friendly travel options for passengers. The airline often promotes its low-cost approach, which includes no-frills service, point-to-point routes, and competitive pricing. Ryan Air primarily operates point-to-point routes, which means flying directly between two cities without connecting flights. This approach can result in lower fares compared to airlines that operate hub-and-spoke networks.

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2) Extensive Route Network: 

Ryan Air has developed an extensive route network that covers a wide range of destinations across Europe and beyond. The airline primarily operates point-to-point flights, connecting smaller or secondary airports to major cities and tourist destinations. Ryan Air can offer multiple diverse routes while keeping costs relatively low. It often uses secondary airports, which are smaller and less congested than major international airports. Besides, it allows for quicker turnaround times and can contribute to lower operating costs. It serves several tourist destinations, including cities, coastal resorts, ski resorts, and cultural hubs. It makes it a popular choice for both leisure and business travellers. While Ryanair’s core market is Europe, the airline has expanded its reach to North Africa and the Middle East.

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3) Frequent Flights: 

Ryan Air is known for its frequent flight schedules on many popular routes within its extensive European network. The airline’s flights provide passengers with several departure times and options, making it suitable for travel plans. It often operates multiple daily flights on routes with high passenger demand. Major city pairs and popular tourist destinations typically have frequent service.

On many routes, Ryan Air operates flights daily, allowing passengers to choose from several departure times throughout the day. It schedules flights on both weekdays and weekends, catering to business travellers during the workweek and leisure travellers on weekends. Depending on the route, Ryan Air flights can depart from early morning to late evening, offering flexibility for travellers with different preferences.

4) Secondary Airports: 

Ryan Air is known for its business model of using secondary airports, also known as regional or smaller airports, as opposed to major international airports. The secondary airports allow Ryan Air to minimize landing fees, congestion, and operational costs, which helps them offer low-cost flights to a wide range of destinations. For example, Instead of Heathrow or Gatwick, Ryan Air usually operates out of London Stansted.

It uses Bergamo Airport as its primary airport serving Milan, rather than Malpensa Airport or Linate Airport. Ryan Air often uses Charleroi Airport as its gateway to Brussels instead of the main Brussels Airport (Zaventem).

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5) Ancillary Services: 

Ryan Air offers several ancillary services that passengers can purchase in addition to their basic ticket. These services generate additional revenue for the airline and allow passengers to customize their travel experience according to their needs and preferences. Passengers can purchase priority boarding and bring two cabin bags on board. Passengers can select their desired seats during the booking procedure. It includes standard seats, seats with extra legroom, and front-row seats. Prices vary depending on the seat selection. Passengers can purchase snacks, sandwiches, and beverages on board the aircraft.

6) Punctuality: 

Ryan Air has a strong track record of on-time performance, ensuring travellers reach their destinations as scheduled. It is popular for its unmatched punctuality and fast turnaround times between flights. The airline aims to minimize the time aircraft spend on the ground. Ryanair’s choice of secondary or regional airports, which are often less congested than major airports, can contribute to better punctuality.

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7) Online Booking and Check-in: 

The airline encourages online booking and check-in, making the travel process more convenient for passengers. Track the on-screen instructions to conclude the online check-in procedure. You may need to confirm your details, select seats (if not done during booking), and confirm any other necessary information.

8) Simple Booking Process:

Ryanair’s user-friendly website and app make it easy for travellers to search for, book, and manage their flights. For seamless booking, visit its official website and choose your flights and ancillary services. Moreover, Ryan Air accepts several modes of payment.

9) Frequent Sales and Promotions: 

The airline frequently offers sales, promotions, and discounts, making it even more attractive to budget-conscious travellers in the UK. When you book any hotel through Ryan Air Rooms, you receive a percentage of their total hotel booking cost as “Ryan Air Cashback.” You can avail of cashback for future discounts on such flights. It is integrated into the MyRyanair customer account system. This makes it easy for customers to track their earnings and redeem cashback rewards.

10) Sustainable

Ryan Air has made efforts to improve its environmental sustainability in recent years. It has allegiances to lessen its carbon footprint. They have invested in more fuel-efficient aircraft and have taken steps to improve fuel efficiency. It has taken steps to improve its sustainability practices, such as reducing single-use plastics on flights and SAF, implementing carbon offset programs, and engaging in initiatives to reduce waste and improve recycling. 


Ryan Air has been a popular choice among UK travellers who prioritize amenities and services offered by full-service carriers. Additionally, It caters to individual needs and preferences. So book your next Ryan Air UK flight only on OnGoEazy!

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