Best Long-stay Hotels in Europe for UK Travellers

For UK travellers looking for lodging prospects in Europe, ample options await, serving all sorts of needs and budgets. Renowned hotels with a presence across the mainland allow prolonged stay chances, delivering the nicety of an abode with several luxuries. Similarly, several lodges offer hotel facilities along with apartment features. Checking reviews, negotiating rates directly with hotels, and considering loyalty programs can enhance the experience. Stay mindful of legal requirements for long-term stays in specific European countries, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit. So here are some of the best long-stay hotels in Europe for UK Travellers:

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Amor de Dios 17 Boutique Hotel

Amor de Dios 17 Boutique Hotel is the pinnacle of indulgence and nicety. It is the perfect option for guests desiring a long-stay hotel in Europe. Nestled amidst the continent, this stunning hotel flawlessly blends Old World allure with trendy luxuries, offering guests a remarkable feel of refinement. The hotel is near the distinctive Reina Sofia Museum, Puerta del Sol, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and Plaza Mayor 2. The hotel is well-designed, presenting several contemporary amenities, like coffee machines, TV, Free WiFi, private terraces with garden views, and more. Moreover, Amor de Dios 17 Luxury Suites delivers a flawless combination of solace, comfort, and sustainability. 

Schwan Locke Hotel

Schwan Locke is among the premier choices of travellers looking for unforgettable long-stay hotels in Europe. Nestled amidst the continent, this luxury hotel defines comprehensive stays with its modern innovation, contemporary amenities, and dedication to personalized assistance. Schwan Locke Hotel is present in the Theresienwiese district of Munich and serves best to long-stay guests. Guests get expansive lodging, a welcoming foyer, a chic café, a nightclub, and a well-equipped gym. The suitable location of the hotel around the U-Bahn and within walking length of Munich’s central train station assures a comfortable entree to several attractions. So whether you are staying for business or respite, Schwan Locke delivers a relaxed and chic home away from home. Moreover, with a mix of refinement and service, Schwan Locke sets a new benchmark for long-stay hotels in Europe, making it the desired goal for UK travellers seeking a memorable and comprehensive stay.

Hiding Space – Trim Street Apartments

Hiding Space Trim Street Apartments, nestled in the heart of Bath, offers a delightful retreat for long-stay travellers. This collection of 10 studio, one, and two-bedroom lodges is just 200 yards from the Abbey and Roman Baths. Fully restored in 2019, these apartments provide a range of accommodations, from the mezzanine pod to The Penthouse with a private terrace and hot-tub. Whether you’re on holiday or a corporate retreat, Hiding Space offers luxurious living in this beautiful city. Similarly, discounts are available for extensive corporate stays, group bookings, private hire, and regular visits. Guests can relish a hot tub on a rooftop with impressive city vistas in all its architectural grandeur, whereas gourmets can relish the several tearooms, gastropubs and refined eateries.

Haytor Hotel

Haytor Hotel, an elegant detached early Victorian villa built in 1835, is among the luxury award-winning hotels in Europe. Nestled in beautiful gardens, this boutique hotel is located on Meadfoot Road, just 400 meters from central Torquay and its bustling harbour with numerous bars, restaurants, and shops. The Hotel 12 is individually styled and has fully en-suite bedrooms with luxury Noble Isle toiletries. So whether you are exploring the area or seeking a relaxing getaway, Haytor Hotel provides a charming retreat in this picturesque coastal town. The commitment to personalized service and attention to detail sets it apart as a top-tier option for UK travellers looking to make the most of their extended European stay at the Haytor Hotel.

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Haven Hall Hotel

Haven Hall Hotel is among the luxury Boutique Hotels in Europe, looming over the ocean on the Isle of Wight. This stunning hotel offers 14 en-suite rooms, each fully air-conditioned and furnished with high-speed WiFi and Smart TVs. The 2-acre terrain greens at Haven Hall have been granted the Best Hotel Garden on the Isle of Wight for several years, including 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022. Guests can pamper in the luxuries, which contain a pool, a grass tennis court, and a lawn. Additionally, the hotel also houses helicopter landings on its grounds. Moreover, for guests reaching by private aircraft, Sandown Airport is merely a 5-minute cab ride away. Haven Hall also delivers a considerable discount coupon for ferry trips to the Isle of Wight. Moreover, embrace extravagance, solace, and spectacular vistas at this unique coastal retreat!

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If you’re looking for long-stay hotels in Europe, many praiseworthy choices deliver a relaxing and suitable home away from home. The prominent options of hotels across Europe present well-trained assistance and lodges equipped with all amenities. Moreover, you must keep yourself updated about these hotels and amenities before making a booking.

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