Do’s & Don’t while Travelling with Children

Travelling with children is always a cheerful experience. The voyage is an undertaking where you glimpse the surroundings through their curious gazes, loaded with amazement and enthusiasm. Careful planning is pertinent to have an easy-going and trouble-free journey. Travelling with children is not an effortless job. From strategic packing, offering comfort, and keeping them entertained and safe, be done simultaneously. Prudent planning is inevitable to avoid these challenges. Here are Dos and Donts for you while travelling with children for an efficient journey:

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Travelling with children can be a pleasing and delightful episode with little planning and carefulness. Here are a few dos for your gleeful journey:

  • Plan in Advance: While travelling with children, plan your destination, accommodation, and activities as per the children in advance to avoid any hassle at the last minute. 
  • Pack Wisely: While travelling with children, do not forget to pack necessities, like extra pair of apparel, snacks, medications, favourite playthings, and more.
  • Entertainment: During your travel, keep the kids occupied with playthings, books, movies, and more to avoid their mood turning grumpy.
  • Healthy Snack: Access to healthy food is tough while travelling. Keep healthy snacks for the children to avoid fast food. 
  • Flexible Schedule: While travelling with children, keep some margins to entertain uncertain activities, like play breaks, extra nap times, or more.
  • Safety First: The safety of the children should be uncompromised. Keep your eyes on your kids in crowded places. Teach them to avoid stranger contact or learn pertinent contact numbers.
  • Educational Opportunities: On your travel, keep your children educated and entertained. Visit the children’s museum, teach them about the places, culture, food, language, and how to respect the cultural variation.
  • Capture Memories: Take ample pictures and document the trip. Ask children to maintain a travel journal or sketch images of their experiences.
  • Be Patient: Traveling with children can be surprising. Keep your temper and face holds, blowups, or unexpected situations.
  • Outdoor Activities: Schedule outdoor activities to harness the energy. Besides this, acknowledge and praise small accomplishments to support the kids. 
  • Child Discounts: Many airlines, lodges, and places offer child discounts. You can avail of these discounts and save money for other activities.


Travelling with children is always a cheerful experience. But it also has cons. Several situations can create a nuisance and spoil the trip. It is pertinent to evade such situations before they happen. Here are some “don’ts” to sidestep these challenges:

  • Avoid Overpacking: While travelling with children, do not pack unnecessary extra stuff. It can cause inconvenience while also taking care of your children. So it is prudent to pack the required stuff only.
  • Don’t Ignore Safety Measures: Safety is indispensable, especially with kids. While travelling with children, do not compromise with the safety. Keep a check on car seats, follow safety policies, and stay vigilant.
  • Stick to Routines: While travelling with children, your schedule may go here and there but try to adhere to your kid’s routine as much as possible. It includes feeding times, snooze times, and sleep routines. Disturbances can lead to irritation and breakdowns.
  • Don’t Overlook Amusement: While travelling with children, keep them entertained and occupied. You can bring their playthings, books, shows, and more. This way, all can enjoy their journey well.
  • Don’t Forget Snacks: Kids can not tolerate hunger. Appetite can cause crankiness. Always keep multiple snacks on hand to keep your child energised and happy. Do not forget to carry healthy snacks and avoid junk food to keep the children sated and nourishing.
  • Don’t Ignore Health Precautions: Be attentive to your child’s health, particularly if visiting any new environment. Take essential medicines and know about the closest medical facilities for any emergency.
  • Don’t Ignore Child-Friendly Lodgings: Select kid-friendly lodgings that deliver the required amenities, like cribs, childproofing, and family-friendly services.
  • Don’t Disregard Patience: Patience is indispensable while travelling with children. Anticipate the unanticipated, and try to stay calm in unexpected circumstances. An optimistic perspective can make a substantial difference.


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While travelling with children, guiding the do’s and don’ts becomes crucial for creating unforgettable and pleasant experiences. Travelling with children can be an amusing experience if done with meticulous planning, flexibility, and a priority on their demands. The solution is striking a harmony between form and spontaneity, assuring their safety, and keeping them engaged. Follow safety standards, stick to routines, pack necessities, and be prepared for unforeseen twists. Don’t forget the importance of tolerance, compassion, and communication during the travel. By following a considerate approach and being well-prepared, you can make everlasting remembrances and cheerful experiences for you and your children. By following these do’s and dodging the don’ts, you can convert the challenges of travelling with children into an enriching expedition for the entire family. Book your next vacation on OnGoEazy today!

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