5 Secret Hacks to Book Online Flight Tickets like a PRO

Let go of the old methods. Explore five secret hacks to cheap air tickets during your online flight ticket booking process.

Online flight ticket booking is a common practice in the modern era. Initially, we could get cheap air tickets by following popular methods like booking flights on a Tuesday, booking through incognito mode, and so on. However, technological advancements have made the algorithm unpredictable, and the airlines have caught on to these predictable hacks. Despite their best efforts, there are still numerous hacks to book cheap flight tickets online. This article will showcase five secret hacks to book cheap air tickets like a PRO.

Book 6-8 weeks in Advance

There has been a lot of research conducted on “When is the best time to book a flight ticket”? According to several news reports, we have found an average drop of 19% in price when booking flight tickets at least eight weeks before the scheduled departure. There is a whopping 27% drop if you book an international flight at least 24 weeks before the scheduled departure. However, we advise online flight ticket booking between 6 to 8 weeks before the scheduled departure. As you will surely score cheap air tickets during this period.

Analyze Round-Trip & One-Way Flights

One of the most popular perceptions during online flight ticket booking is that round-trip flights are cheaper than one-way flights, which is not necessarily true. In recent times, airlines price their tickets on a one-way basis, and round-trip showcased as a sum of one-way tickets. There are still instances when you can find a better deal on round-trip flights, but it depends upon the airline. We recommend searching and comparing one-way tickets to round-trip tickets to score cheap air tickets as the prices are unpredictable.

Hoard Reward Points & Miles

One of the guaranteed hacks to score affordable prices during online flight ticket booking is hoarding and utilizing the reward points & miles. Most airlines have reward programs which include a variety of perks like lounge access, free seat upgrades, free flights, welcome bonuses, free hotel stays, and much more. Sign up to redeem these benefits of reward programs, even if you don’t fly that frequently. We advise you to avail of your points & miles on long-haul flights rather than multiple short-haul flights, as it is a better value for money.

Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

Earlier users visited the airline’s website to scout for deals and incredible offers. However, the rise of social media platforms shifted the focus from websites as the deals and offers are now directly posted on various social media pages of the airlines. We suggested visiting the social media pages of different airlines to grab cheap air tickets as soon as the airlines announce them. Another recommendation would be to follow particular hashtags and social media accounts to receive alerts and updates regarding the offers.

Book Budgeted Airlines

If your priority is to travel at an affordable cost while travelling light, low-cost airline carriers are for you. Low-cost airlines offer no complimentary amenities, standard legroom, and in-flight meals. But it’s value for money on your flight ticket fares. Similarly, budgeted airlines have been on the rise in the past decade. And it is a perfect time to travel around the world. Be sure to read the amenities offered by the airlines before online flight ticket booking, as some airlines do not give complimentary checked-in luggage and specific weight allowance for carry-ons.

So do not rely on the old methods. Explore the newly mentioned hacks and tips to score cheap air tickets during the online ticket booking process. To hear about exciting new offers and deals, check out our website to learn more!

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