Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Prague: A Local’s Guide

Prague is a perfect amalgamation of history, culture, and charm. The architecture, rich heritage, and vibrant culture reflect Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque influences. Visitors love to witness its energetic cultural scene, panoramic vistas, and unbeatable culinary delicacies.

Visiting Prague like a local provides a more indulging and genuine venture. Here is a guide to help you visit Prague and enjoy the way a local suggests:

Local Neighbourhoods

While visiting Prague, explore the neighbourhoods of Vinohrady, Žižkov, and Letná. Vinohrady is a stylish area known for its chic cafes, pubs, and parks. Žižkov is an artsy neighbourhood with a bohemian atmosphere and features the iconic Žižkov Television Tower. Letná is a hip neighbourhood with parks with panoramic views of the city.

Coffee Advice

Skip the international cafe chains that you can savour anywhere, instead taste a sip of local brews at renowned cafes such as EMA Espresso Bar, Mamacoffee, or Coffee Room.

Prefer Local Food

Avoid expensive and overrated eateries and try local eateries and cuisines. Experience traditional Czech cuisine and beer at Lokál, grab a Trdelník (traditional pastry) from a street vendor, and savour high-quality meat dishes at Nase Maso. Besides, many Czech restaurants in the city centre advertise themselves as traditional, but this can be a warning sign. It is always important to research your options before splurging at a fancy fine dining restaurant. Several local cafes and restaurant chains are present throughout Prague and its neighbouring districts, so there is never a dearth of authentic cuisine experiences. Moreover, you can also find special restaurants serving Asian and Continental cuisine as well. Try to know where to go for authentic cuisine. The same is true for the world-famous Czech wines.

Explore Niche Regions

You can explore less crowded areas like Vyšehrad, a historic fort with stunning views and Vršovice, a district with hidden gems and a local feel. Similarly, to experience the beauty of Prague beyond the crowded tourist spots, visit the surrounding districts during peak hours. Check out Karlin, Vinohrady, Vrsovice, Letna, and Holesovice.

Visit Parks

There are many outdoor adventure options in Prague, including Stromovka Park, which is perfect for a relaxing day with ponds and walking trails, and Petřín Hill, where you can climb the Petřín Tower for panoramic city views.


For lively nightlife in Prague, head to Náplavka and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere along the Vltava River. Another option is Cross Club, known for its eclectic style and unique industrial steampunk design.


You can walk through the streets to glance at the surroundings. You can also use trams for a picturesque and efficient way to steer the city.

Search for Events

You can go to local events, festivals, and markets while visiting Prague for an authentic experience.


Local Language and Custom

You can also learn some local phrases. Locals appreciate visitors who speak a bit of the local language. Learn basic greetings and polite idioms. While visiting Prague, never refer to anyone as an Eastern European. It is usually frowned upon among the localities in the nation and largely culturally discriminatory in nature.

Availing Cab Services

Avoid hailing cabs on the streets in Prague, especially near bus or train stations. Always ask the price in advance and request a printed receipt at the end of the ride. Locals suggest booking a taxi from one of the two largest operators in Prague over the phone to ensure a cheaper fare and monitored behaviour. The numbers are 14014 and 14015. Alternatively, you can use Uber or Liftago.

Beware of scams

Always ask for the final amount before exchanging money. Consider withdrawing cash from an ATM or using your card instead, and never exchange money on the street. Always verify the authenticity before signing up for any activity or renting any equipment. Always confirm the prices before availing of services such as cabs, hotel rooms, outdoor activities, etc.

In-city Transport

Walking is always the top suggestion for exploring Prague as it offers several possibilities to uncover hidden gems. You can also use trams, subways, and buses. These are reasonable, efficient, secure, and reliable modes of conveyance to take you anywhere.

Avoid Crowds

Try visiting Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and Charles Bridge early morning or late night to avoid the rush. These spots are very crowded during the day. Do not forget to glance at the unbeatable sunrise over the Charles Bridge. Similarly, While visiting Prague, everyone recommends visiting the Astronomical Clock, but if you’re trying to avoid touristy crowds it’s better to visit the area in the morning.

Weather-proof Clothing

While visiting Prague, be mindful of the weather as it is infamously unpredictable. Stay updated on the rainy days and overcast conditions especially if you’re spending an outdoor day or going for any outdoor activities. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to dodge any distress. Carry an extra jacket if you’re visiting Prague in the unnaturally chilly winter months between November and January.

Escalator Advice

Always stand on the right side of moving stairs/escalators. Leave the left side for walkers. Avoid clogging the way. Do not stand on both sides, especially during peak hours.


No Noise Please

Locals of Prague prefer quiet atmospheres in shared areas like cafes, diners, and shops. Similarly, they do not appreciate noise on public transportation and unmannered ways like whistling or cranking up the speakers. There are specific areas where you may enjoy loud music such as in clubs or at events.

Dressing Etiquette

Locals find it impolite if one wears caps and sunglasses in places of worship such as the church, or at museums and historical buildings. As a sign of respect, take off your cap when indoors. Additionally, if you are planning to attend a concert or opera is it recommended that you dress in formal wear.

Avoid Plastic and Waste

Travel sustainably when visiting Prague. Avoid plastics, and carry reusable bottles for water as tap water is safe in the city. Don’t litter on the streets or waste food at restaurants. Don’t damage the environment or vandalise architectural sites.

Photo by Son Tung Tran


In a nutshell, dive into Prague like a local: explore unique neighborhoods, savor authentic cuisine, and respect local customs. Smart navigation, from reliable taxis to avoiding scams, ensures a seamless experience. Beyond tourist spots, discover hidden gems in parks and quieter districts. Dress respectfully, embrace etiquette, and practice sustainable travel. Prague’s charm lies in immersing yourself in its living culture, forging connections, and appreciating the city’s rich history and vibrant present.

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