How to Experience Luxury on a Budget in Belgium?

Belgium is a captivating blend of rich history and modern allure. Explore picturesque cities like Bruges and Ghent and indulge in world-renowned chocolates, delightful waffles, and a unique beer culture. Every cobblestone street tells a unique story. Discover Belgium, where history meets grandiose modernity. However, many travellers often assume Beligum is an expensive country to travel to. While this may be true for luxury experiences in the nation, there’s enough chance for you to revel in the Belgian glory even when you’re on a budget. Here’s how you can enjoy your Belgium vacation on a budget even if you seek luxury:

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How to Reach?

Belgium has various inexpensive travel choices for budget-conscious travellers. Firstly, there are low-cost carriers that provide flights to international airports in Belgium that offer great connectivity and savings if you’re travelling from overseas. Additionally, the nation boasts an expansive and convenient train network. Travelling by train is one of the most cost-effective options. Moreover, you can explore cities like Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp directly via trains as well. Consider purchasing a rail pass for additional savings. Public buses are another economical way to get around, especially for shorter distances and within cities.

Where to Stay?

Discover Belgium’s best boutique hotels: Martin’s Klooster in Leuven, Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof Ghent, 9HOTEL CENTRAL in Brussels, Hotel Dukes’ Palace in Bruges, Hotel Julien in Antwerp, Amigo Brussels, and Hotel de Orangerie. These renowned stays offer luxury on a budget with brilliant interiors and proximity to major attractions. Similarly, you can also avail of an array of homestays and budget lodges in certain cities where the hotel rates may be higher than average.

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Sites to Visit

Belgium is a country that boasts a rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Besides, there are a plethora of sites that you can explore even without spending a penny. Here are some of the best attractions in Belgium that you can visit in luxury even when you’re on a budget: 

Grand Place in Brussels is the central square of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a hub of activity. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the Town Hall and guild houses. Visiting the square is a great place to soak in the authentic Belgian atmosphere. Similarly, you can also visit the world-renowned Atomium in Brussels with a small admission fee while you can also enjoy the surrounding area, including Atomium Park, without any additional charges. Admire the futuristic architecture of this structure from the outside even if you are unwilling to spend on a comprehensive tour. 

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Moreover, you can also visit the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels, a large public park featuring the impressive Triumphal Arch and the Cinquantenaire Museum complex. Stroll through parks, enjoy picnics, and marvel at the architecture. Additionally, visit Antwerp’s Grote Markt, surrounded by beautiful guild houses and the Cathedral of Our Lady. Wander around the square, enjoy the architecture, and soak in the lively atmosphere. 

Explore the Belfry of Bruges while climbing the Belfry for only a small fee. Admire the medieval architecture and enjoy the bustling market square. Similarly, traverse the Gravensteen Castle, located in the heart of Ghent, a medieval fortress with a rich history and heritage. While there’s an admission fee to enter the castle, you can still appreciate its grandeur from the outside. Besides, you can also explore the Sonian Forest near Brussels, a vast green space perfect for hiking and picnics. 

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Belgium presents several ventures to embrace its culture, history, and natural beauty. Here are a few of them that ensure you explore the Belgian luxury even when on a budget:

1) Free Walking Tours:

Many cities, such as Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent, offer free walking tours led by knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the city’s history and culture. 

2) Explore Free Museums:

Explore museums, such as the Magritte Museum in Brussels, which offers free entry on the first Wednesday of each month.

3) Enjoy Parks and Gardens:

Belgium boasts beautiful parks and gardens, like Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels and the Botanical Garden in Meise. Enjoy a stroll or relax in these green spaces.

4) Cycling in Flanders Fields:

Rent an inexpensive bicycle to explore Flanders Fields, renowned for their historic significance. The flat terrain makes cycling an affordable and enjoyable way to discover the countryside.

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5) Visit Local Markets:

Experience the vibrant atmosphere and sample local produce by exploring the Marolles Flea Market in Brussels or the Vrijdagmarkt in Ghent, which is excellent for budget-friendly shopping.

6) Free Concerts and Events:

During your visit, check for free concerts, festivals, and cultural events hosted by cities, providing entertainment without any additional cost.  

7) Admire Architecture:

Marvel at the stunning architecture in Belgian cities. Walk around the Grand Place in Brussels, visit the Belfry in Bruges, or explore the historic buildings in Antwerp – all without spending a dime.

8) Free Chocolate and Beer Tastings:

While some chocolate and beer tastings may come with a cost, many shops offer gratis tastings. Take advantage of these opportunities to sample Belgium’s renowned chocolates and beers without spending money.

9) Hiking in Ardennes:

The Ardennes region offers stunning landscapes and an abundance of hiking trails. Experience the beauty of nature for free and embark on a budget-friendly outdoor adventure.

Food and Dining

Belgium offers an array of delectable food and dining options even for those seeking luxury on a budget. Here are a few options that can help you save and eat at some of the best Belgian eateries:

1) Friteries:

Indulge in the Belgian love for fried food at the local “Friteries,” where a variety of fried food is served with a select range of sauces. They make for a delicious and inexpensive snack.

2) Local Markets:

Local markets offer a variety of street food options and more. These local markets are affordable and often reflect the city’s culture better than grand international restaurants.

3) Brasseries and Bistros:

Look for small brasseries, especially in less touristy areas. These establishments often offer affordable lunch menus with traditional Belgian dishes that are unique to the city. 

4) Sandwich Shops:

Belgium has a tradition of delicious bread, and you can find a variety of sandwiches at reasonable prices throughout the nation. 

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5) Ethnic Restaurants:

Explore the diverse culinary scene in Belgium by trying ethnic restaurants. Asian, Middle Eastern and African eateries often provide tasty and economical meals.

6) Lunch Specials:

Many restaurants offer affordable lunch menus during the week. Take advantage of these lunch specials to enjoy a sit-down meal at a lower cost.

7) Fast Food Chains:

While it may not be the most traditional option, fast-food chains can provide a quick and budget-friendly meal. Look for local Belgian chains that offer unique twists on fast-food classics.

8) Picnics in Parks:

Purchase fresh produce, cheese, and bread from local markets and relish in one of Belgium’s beautiful parks. It allows you to enjoy a meal outdoors without overspending especially when on a budget.

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Belgium caters for all sorts of travellers no matter what their budget and preferences. With these few steps and prudent planning, you can enjoy Belgium’s luxury on a budget. Opt for budget accommodation, use public transport, indulge in street food, enjoy free attractions, and buy a city pass for discounts. Stroll through parks and drink beer at affordable local pubs. Careful planning makes it budget-friendly without compromising on any of the authentic Belgian experiences.

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