How to Bag Great One-Way Flight Deals Like a PRO

The concept of “split ticketing” has become prevalent ever since Covid-19 happened. The new policies have resulted in airfares dropping significantly when you book separate tickets instead of a round-trip. Dividing your trip into multiple segments and buying each ticket separately can lead to savings in your bank account.

For instance, if you are planning to fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Vancouver, Canada. It may help you to book separate tickets from Frankfurt to New York. And then from New York to Vancouver, Canada as you will find amazing one-way flight deals on these routes. This trick to find multiple flight path combinations using hub airports is the most cost-effective for most travellers. Call OnGoEazy’s 24/7 available helpline and build your one-way flight itinerary from scratch. With the help of our travel experts, you can use their insight to get the best-available one-way flight deal.

Booking a round-trip ticket is widely considered quick, easy, and a one-stop-shop solution for saving money on your tickets. However, you may be able to score better discounts if you’d book two one-way flights instead. While booking their tickets, most travellers prefer booking their flight to and from a place with one click. Whereas, a one-way flight ticket can only fly you to a destination and not take care of your plans of return from a specific location. You may find a better one-way flight deal with two different airlines than booking a return flight from one airline. OnGoEazy understands your priorities of getting the lowest fares and maximum flexibility. Hence, we have come up with various ways through which you can score one-way flight deals on multiple airlines.

Let’s jump into ways to achieve the best one-way flight deal.

  • When flying from a popular destination that is a hub to many airlines, there is a high chance that the price of a one-way flight would be exactly half the cost of a round-trip flight.
  • By strategically searching for a one-way flight deal, you can reduce half the cost of round-trip airfare and allow yourself to choose from a combination that suits you the best.
  • If searching online is something that makes you anxious, don’t worry about it! Call us and let our expert travel advisors walk you through the best-available one-way flight deal!
  • To see the true power of booking a one-way flight deal, you must acknowledge the flexibility it provides by letting you mix and match the flights of your choice, and various payment methods combined may get you the best one-way flight deal you can imagine!
  • While searching for the best one-way flight deal, OnGOEazy suggests you explore the options that offer lower mileage opportunities, cash fares, and credit card points while booking.
  • We suggest you look for low-cost international airlines such as RyanAir and AirAsia. These provide budget-friendly and attractive one-way flight deals while booking an international trip.

Now that you know the methods to score the best one-way flight deal, you can save more on air travel and have maximum flexibility.

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